When Your Superheroes Need Help!

Commercial lending superheroes are faced with numerous challenges every day. A perfect sidekick can help obviate many of these challenges and give Commercial Lending superheroes the time they need to save the day.

In Robin-detective series #644, Batman finds himself in the sewers, face-to-face with the Electrocutioner. A high voltage surprise attack from the Electrocutioner’s shock gloves zaps Batman so hard that his heart stops. Meanwhile, Robin, who had been waiting for Batman outside, hears Batman’s radio connection knocked out and charges into the sewers in insulated gear. He beats the Elelctrocutioner into submission until he relents. Batman, who had almost died for over a minute, is rescued with Robin’s quick action.

Batman, the Lone Vigilante, the Dark Protector, the hero Gotham needs but does not deserve, is a one man army. He can stand his ground against the meanest foe, but there are times when he, too, needs a sidekick!

When compliance, siloed processes, exceptions and disjointed legacy systems act as Electrocutioners, our Commercial Lending superheroes need the right technology as Robin!

A technology that intervenes at the right time to handle an unexpected situation with smart rule-based decision making. A technology that is agile and automates processes in the nick of time to reach customers faster. A technology that bridges the gaps between front and back end systems and dismantles siloes. A technology that protects your processes from getting zapped out by regulations. But most importantly, a technology that runs a holistic show, like Robin! One that automates processes from end-to-end and obviates the need for manual intervention, giving Commercial Lending superheroes the time to save the Day!

Watch this webinar to discover the superpowers that make a technology ‘the right sidekick’ for commercial lenders. Also learn-

  • How to choose the right technology to automate commercial lending
  • Dos and Don’ts of automating commercial lending
  • How a CUP (Configurable Unified Platform) can enable you to achieve the above


JOEL J. PRUIS Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc

NANCY FOSTER SVP Credit Admin, Bridgehampton National Bank

ASHISH DESHMUKH Head – BFS, Newgen Software Inc

Bandita Awasthi As part of Newgen's Marketing and Communications team, Bandita is responsible for creating campaigns and developing content for BFSI, Utilities and CRM. She has previously worked in the fields of Advertising, Marketing and Content Development.