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  • Store and Access

    Enjoy a well integrated content repository with intelligent library services for smoother storage and access of content.

  • Federated Searches

    Sieve through millions of documents to get to the right content at the right time.

  • Version Controls

    Efficiently manage multiple versions of enterprise documents and track changes across different levels.

Newgen OmniDocs ECM Suite on Amazon (AWS) Cloud is a novel and cost-effective alternative to traditional document management. The cloud offering provides access to Newgen ECM capabilities, enabling lower overhead, elastic capacity management and lower CAPEX requirement. This leads to better information management, responsiveness and scalability. The solution provides enterprise grade Service Level Agreements and complies with major Security and Regulatory standards. Customers have the option to deploy the platform at their preferred location using nine data centers across the globe.

OmniDocs ECM on Cloud Factsheet

  • Unified repository for all documents and folders across the organization including electronic files, paper images and physical documents
  • Comprehensive document Scanning, Indexing and Storage
  • Indexing on custom fields at Folder/Document level
  • Maker-Checker features for dual authorization in user/group operations
  • Comprehensive reports for monitoring
  • Configurable password policies
  • Comprehensive and easy to set Access Rights control with inheritance
  • Specific rights at document level for sharing
  • File processing workflow
  • Full text and strong index based search
  • Annotations on Image and Electronic documents
  • Document Check-in, Check-out & Version Control
  • Extensive audit reports and audit trails
  • HTTPS support for security
  • Server Replication for low bandwidth consumption at multi-location installations
  • Server clustering for enterprise-class scalability
  • Unicode support

5 Benefits of Newgen ECM on Cloud

  • Reduced Costs- Enterprises enjoy a dual cost benefit with ECM bringing down overhead costs for content management and Cloud cutting through the investment required on IT infrastructure. Adding to this is the benefit which enterprises are able to leverage on demand use of content and IT resources thereby optimizing usage and creating cost benefits.
  • Scalability – Again combining two critical aspects of ECM and Cloud Solutions, enterprises can start small and enlarge the usage of ECM with a pay-as- you-go model. This makes it incredibly simple to rapidly scale up or down as per the organization’s requirement.
  • Portability– Newgen offers the advantage of easily porting between ‘on-cloud’ and on-premise ECM platform, easing the organization’s decision to shift between models as they deem critical.
  • Disaster Recovery– Newgen OmniDocs ECM on Cloud provides failproof disaster recovery.
  • Enterprise Wide Access– Single access interface and cloud deployment ensures that people no longer have to work on silos, especially when and enterprises has geographically diverse operations.

Common FAQs about OmniDocs ECM on Cloud

How can I make a payment for my subscription of OmniDocs on Cloud?

Upon expiration of your OmniDocs on Cloud trial period, you can Request Proposal directly to Newgen. You also can contact your local Newgen partner to avail the subscription.

How can I start with OmniDocs on Cloud?

To start your trial with OmniDocs on Cloud, please visit You will be asked to provide necessary one-time-registration details for your organization. Once the details are submitted, you may start using OmniDocs on Cloud.

Is Newgen OmniDocs on public cloud or private cloud?

By default, Newgen OmniDocs is hosted on a public cloud infrastructure. However, upon the requirement of a large enterprise, it can easily be hosted on private cloud environment.

What features are included in the free trial?

You can use all features of OmniDocs during the trial period without any limitation. However, the number of users will be restricted to 4 and number of administrators will be restricted to 1 (total 5 users) during the trial period.

How much does a subscription for OmniDocs on Cloud cost?

Subscription to OmniDocs on Cloud is available for USD 50 per User per Month (PUPM)

What will happen to my data and settings after the trial period?

You will be able to retain your settings and data if you choose to continue after the trial period by making the necessary payments. The details of data management are governed by the Master Subscription Agreement that you would sign with Newgen and/or Newgen Partner.

Newgen OmniDocs ECM on Cloud Use Cases

Case 1 – Educational Institutions

Enabling educational institutions to operate more efficiently and reduce reliance on paper-based information

Academic and research institutions need to store and publish institutional content, and collaborate on research projects, while controlling administrative costs. Institutes also need to maintain student and employee records, communication documents, accounting records, and other intellectual property.

OmniDocs on Cloud is an affordable option that allows institutes to store and publish content on cloud, which can be accessed by students and faculty using any internet connection, on- or off-campus. Further, it allows users to securely and easily collaborate with internal/external research or academic partners. It also helps improve efficiency of the administrative staff by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Case 2 – Real Estate Organizations

Providing Real Estate Agents with Anytime-Anywhere Access to Relevant Information and Speeding-Up Their Sales Transactions

Real estate companies deal with huge volumes of paper-based documents in their day-to-day transactions. Agents spend most of their time on the field, and documents such as credit reports, mortgage forms, title information, contracts, blueprints, site plans, etc., should be readily available to them.

The imaging and document management capabilities of ‘OmniDocs on Cloud’ allow real estate companies to capture and store documents digitally, enabling agents to easily and quickly access these documents while on the field. This results in faster sales transactions and revenues, while avoiding investment in expensive hardware and software licenses. Moreover, storing documents electronically on cloud eliminates loss of documents due to potential disasters such as fire or flood.

Case 3 – Life Sciences Organizations

Enabling Life Sciences Organizations to Meet Regulatory Compliances and Accelerate Time-to-Market

The life sciences industry is highly regulated and governed by stringent regulatory requirements. Life sciences organizations need to securely manage a wide range of clinical, R&D, and regulatory documents. Any delay in bringing a product to the market, might translate into huge losses in terms of revenue.

‘OmniDocs on Cloud’ provides a financially viable solution to life sciences organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, biologics, medical equipment manufacturers, animal health care product manufacturers, etc., for end-to-end management of their critical documents. Its extensive search and document tracking capabilities allow R&D professionals to focus on research activities, rather than wasting time in storing and retrieving documents.

Case 4 – Law Firms/Legal Departments of Large Enterprises

Helping Law Firms/Legal Departments Improve the Consistency and Management of Vital Records

Law firms/ legal departments of large enterprises need to manage myriad types of documents, email and other records, including pleadings, contracts, leases, etc., related to litigation. In order to draft deal documents or prepare legal transcripts, legal professionals might need to collaborate on documents, from different locations. In such a situation a secure and scalable document repository, which can be accessed remotely, via internet, using mobile devices becomes imperative.

By opting for OmniDocs on Cloud law firms/legal departments can reap the benefits of an enterprise-class document management system without investing in costly hardware/software licenses. The solution facilitates capturing, storage, retrieval, and tracking of electronic documents, videos, pictures, audio files, etc., helping improve the consistency and organization of their vital records.

Case 5 – Human Resource Departments

Addressing the Document Management Requirements of HR Departments

Human Resource departments are fraught with the challenge of managing enormous volumes of records such as resumes, reference letters, job applications, employee records, contract documents, annual reviews, invoices, etc. HR professionals need to keep track of contract expiration dates, annual review cycles, etc., and act upon accordingly. Moreover, job applications or HR inquiries can be received through different channels such as career portals, e-mails, or physical applications. Managing and maintaining a database of all such applications/inquiries is tedious and document-intensive.

‘OmniDocs on Cloud’ enables HR departments to efficiently organize documents and records allowing users to retrieve relevant information, as and when needed. Further, the solution enables efficient routing of documents for faster reviews and approvals, document tracking, and automatic due-date notifications, resulting in improved process and personnel performance.

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The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Content in Context – Deliver contextual, accurate and actionable content for streamlined processes
  • Content Life-cycle Management – Creating a structured existence for enterprise content from creation to disposition
  • Smart Collaboration – Enhance enterprise level collaboration with Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud capabilities
  • Social Content – Comprehensive features to facilitate collaboration such as Discussion Forums, Q &A, Bulletin boards, Chat
  • Web Content Management & Publishing – Integration with Drupal, Liferay and SharePoint using CMIS