Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Newgen’s Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy stems from its belief in ‘One World. One Workplace.’ Newgen reaches out to several strata of the society with the aim of improving their quality of life.

CSR Policy

The concept of corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) has gained prominence from all avenues. Today, CSR is considered as the most responsible way of doing business for corporates. CSR is not charity or mere donations but a way of doing business as usual, while creating shared values and contributions for social and environment good. Read More…


Newgen appreciates the value children bring to the society. With the objective of ensuring that the children of our support and help staff find themselves well positioned to take on the challenges of the modern day society, Newgen incepted Sadbhavna.

Sadbhavna is a forum where these children are assisted by members of the Newgen Family with their education and also the extra-curricular activities which they may want to pursue. Sadbhavna looks at the holistic development of children, with the members offering tutorials for scholastic curriculums as well as guidance for vocational education.

SOS Children’s Villages

Love, generosity, importance of character and good manners when taught to children at Sadbhavna drift to their homes and eventually to the larger ecosystem they bloom in. To enhance the realm of impact on society, Newgen has taken its next step. Newgen will be supporting a house at SOS Children’s Village Greenfields located at Faridabad. Each house has ten children looked after by one mother.

SOS Children’s Village is an independent, non-governmental international development organization which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. It was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Imst, Austria. It was ranked 33 out of 100 NGOs for “global accountability”. In India, it has just entered the 50th year of its existence. There are 31 SOS villages in India.

The organization’s work focuses on abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family-based child care. Millions of children worldwide are living without their biological families for a variety of reasons. Newgen will guide and support the children to make them ‘FIT’ for survival. Newgen’s focus area would be personality development, communication skills, counseling sessions and computer literacy.

Newgen’s Association with SOS Village

Family Based Care (PBC), a curative programme of SOS Children’s Villages of India, reaches out to over 6,500 once parentless or abandoned girls and boys in 32 SOS Children’s Villages across India. Each children’s village has 12-15 family homes, with every home consisting of 10 children on an average along with an SOS mother. This programme is based on the following core concepts:

  • The Mother: Each child has a caring parent
  • Brothers and Sisters: Family ties grow naturally
  • The House: Each family creates its own home
  • The Village: The SOS family is a part of the community

At one such village in Green Fields, Surajkund, Newgen has adopted three families in 2014-15. All round development including education, nutrition, health and psychological development is taken care of till the children are settled in their lives.

Apart from this, volunteers from Newgen conduct monthly engagement programs with children of the SOS Village. Personality development sessions including English speaking, confidence building, managing stage fright, quizes based on general knowledge, sports day and other fun activities are conducted by our volunteers, who are determined to bring a noticeable change to the lives of these children.

Digital Literacy

An initiative that has emanated from the vision of our MD, the digital literacy program aims at stimulating the minds of the children through the use of modern day IT innovations such as tablets and internet.

Newgen conducts its ‘Digital Literacy Program’ with the children in the Youth Hostel of SOS Village, Green Fields during the weekends. With active participation on our Volunteers and trained Instructors, ‘digital literacy program’ has become an enriching experience for these children.

Personality Development

Newgen also conducts monthly personality development sessions at its Okhla office. Confidence building sessions are conducted for children up till class five. A special instructor is aligned with children of class sixth to twelfth, who helps groom these children holistically for a more meaningful life ahead. Life skills such as time management, positive thinking, improving self-esteem etc are some of the core subjects discussed during these sessions.

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