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Going Digital – In conversation with Ritesh Varma, Newgen Software

Published on: Sunday, February 18, 2018

Do you think Digital Transformation is a need-based phenomenon or technology-based phenomenon?

Digital Transformation is a mix of both, need and technology working in tandem to make things happen. Alexa was not created for handling any business problems and initiatives. However, in the future, it is going to be used for finding the right mortgage and facilities. Just like the perfect storm, which is not created manually but a lot of environmental factors come together to create it, I guess for Digital Disruption to happen, multiple needs and technology based factors will just enable it.

In the region, the governments have always been at the forefront in adopting latest technologies. Do you feel this has helped the enterprise level digital transformation in the region compared to other nations?

I think UAE Govt and the GCC government per se have been early adopters of the technology and Digital Transformation. In-fact other industries as Banking and FS and Insurance are also drawing from this and making things happen for consumer. In effect the consumer is the benefiter.

With cut-throat competition between companies, how can technology play a key role in improving customer experience?

The organisations would need to innovate for the next level of Digital Disruptive storm which is coming. AI, RPA, Driverless cars and the likes are all set to work in tandem to disrupt in the interest of the consumer. The Alexa example would work here.

How safe are the companies who have digitally transformed themselves? Are they putting their costumers at risk?

Digital would definitely have its cons but the enterprises would need to evolve in order to bring comfort to end customers. As the things evolve, security would also evolve.

If an enterprise wishes to digitally transform their business, where can they begin?

The starting point can be looking internally. Basic services can be mobile enabled. They can be connected to the bigger platform of e-Governance.

At an enterprise level what is your suggestion to organizations that feel digital transformation is not for everyone?

Enterprises should consider Digital transformation as an opportunity and not an obstacle. The shift in IT spending should be driven by forward looking innovation rather than merely needs to meet business requirements. Enterprises should not shy away from adapting the ability to reimagine their business with a digital strategy in place. Any company can consider this regardless of its size. Taking the first step will help them in keeping pace with the competition as well as provide enhanced service to customers.

The digital disrupters have changed the business arena, what do you think would be the next big disruption?

I believe bots are really going to take the markets by storm. Robotic Process Automation is getting plenty of attention from organizations. It’s becoming the means to automate those mundane repetitive processes which are otherwise handled by employees, freeing up a lot of bandwidth for them to become knowledge workers. However, without a proper Case Management Framework, the RPA would not flourish.