Digital Transformation

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The global technology landscape is witnessing an era of digital transformation. Initially driven by compliance requirements, digitization and process automation have now moved center stage. Enterprises today need business agility to respond to the changing market dynamics. Business success demands enhanced customer experience, faster delivery of services/products to customers, enhanced process transparency, and better compliance levels. Enterprises – large and small, are investing in technology solutions that can drive differentiation. Success will depend on how well you can optimize your IT expenditure. By investing in innovative technologies businesses can ensure continuous adaptation to changes, and also avoid huge recurring investments in restructuring their IT infrastructures.

As the Digital Transformation revolution evolves, there will be increased traction for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions, across business verticals.

The Newgen Advantage

  • Digital Transformation through ECM

    Digital Transformation through ECM

    In an information-intensive world, evolution of traditional document management to ECM is becoming increasingly pertinent. A comprehensive ECM approach enables organizations across verticals to efficiently create, capture, store, retrieve, share, distribute, and dispose content.

  • Digital Transformation through BPM

    Digital Transformation through BPM

    Adoption of BPM was initially driven by the need to automate processes and enhance control over business operations. However, over the years BPM has evolved to address the needs of modern businesses. Enterprises today need to focus on achieving ‘business process agility’ to respond to the ever-changing market dynamics. An efficient BPM platform enables businesses to build processes that are repeatable and at the time flexible.

  • Digital Transformation through CCM

    Digital Transformation through CCM

    Enhancing customer experience is the top priority of every business. Every touch point with the customer is an opportunity for a business. To retain existing customers, and acquire new customers, enterprises need to ensure that consistent, personalized, and contextual messages are delivered to customers across multiple channels. A comprehensive CCM solution covers every aspect of communication including creation, distribution, monitoring, and archival.