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What is Customer Communication Management (CCM)?


Effective customer communication management (CCM) allows businesses to optimize the profit potential of every touch point with the customer. CCM system refers to a convergent set of technologies, that enable you to make the best use of every interaction with your customer. CCM software systems enable consistent customer communications across multiple channels, including mobile, email, SMS, web, print, etc. An effective customer communication strategy allows you to tailor your cross-sell and up-sell messages as per customers’ specific needs. This translates into reduced customer acquisition costs, improved client retention, and maximized lifetime value of each customer.

A unified CCM system encompasses content creation, personalization, multi-channel distribution, and archival. CCM can bring significant benefits to your business. It enables you to deliver timely, personalized, relevant, and compelling messages to your customers via their preferred communication channels. A unified CCM system allows business organizations to:

  • Drive engagement through personalized customer communications
  • Empower business users to create and manage customer communications
  • Up-sell and cross-sell with transpromos
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce dependence on costly IT resources
  • Reduce overall communication costs
  • Drive transition from paper to electronic / mobile communications
  • Ensure consistent brand image

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  • Composition Designer

    Composition Designer

    To enable business users to create customized, interactive, and contextual communications.

  • Workflow/Rules Engine

    Workflow/Rules Engine

    For designing and execution of customer communication processes including correspondence management, sampling, approvals, generation of on-demand communications, etc.

  • Multi-channel Output

    Multi-channel Output

    To generate output streams having different components / data, based on predefined business rules, for distribution through different communication channels in batch form, on demand or interactively.

  • Content Repository

    Content Repository

    For storage and retrieval of outbound and inbound customer communications.