OmniOMS Customer Communication Management Suite

Archive every communication with contextual data securely and ensure traceability

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Make Every Communication Count with Newgen Customer Communication Management Suite

  • Strong Integration Capabilities

    Strong Integration Capabilities

    Seamless integration with industry leading Document Management Systems (DMS) ensure automated archival of critical documents.

  • Enterprise Wide Security

    Enterprise Wide Security

    Role based user access of enterprise applications and support for digital signatures ensures confidentiality of information.

  • Smart Search and Indexing

    Smart Search and Indexing

    Context based fetching of documents from DMS and merging them as annexure in output PDF statements.

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Key Features:

Easy Access to Communication Logs / Document

Customer Communication Management – Easy Access Communication Logs

All customer correspondences are archived in a highly secure centralized content repository, allowing business users with any-time anywhere access to critical information.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Customer Communication Management – Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

The Archival Engine allows you to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements pertaining to maintaining customer correspondence data.


Ensure Audit Readiness

Customer Communication Management – Ensure Audit Readiness

Allowing easy access to historical data / communication logs, the Archival Engine enhances business user accountability and ensures audit readiness.


Seamless Integration with DMS

Integrated Document Management System

The DMS adaptor facilitates seamless integration of the Archival Engine with your existing Document Management application.


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Customer Communication Management suite combines Newgen’s robust document management and workflow tools to create, personalize, and deliver consistent communications across multiple channels. It enables businesses to gain maximum traction from every customer interaction. It allows business users to utilize customer information to create timely and targeted communications.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Attract and retain more customers through a differentiated, highly personalized customer service program
  • Stay Compliant and Agile – Identify and respond to market opportunities through increased agility & and standardization across all customer communications
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Automate high volume customer communications by seamlessly managing millions of complex documents/correspondences
  • Robust Management and Monitoring – OmniOMS facilitates end-to-end management and monitoring of various processes
  • Secure Archival – The Archival Engine consists of a centralized content repository, equipped with standard adapters