OmniOMS Customer Communication Management Suite

Design highly personalized and engaging communication, and empower business users

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OmniOMS Customer Communication Management Suite

  • Simplified Design Environment

    Simplified Design Environment

    Easy to use, drag and drop designing tool with user-friendly interface to capture variables and data fields.

  • Component Based Designing

    Component Based Designing

    Make use of reusable modules designing templates which could be used locally as well as globally.

  • Secure Layered Designing

    Secure Layered Designing

    Multi-Layer support to provide users rights for specific layers of designing to protect confidentiality of information.

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Key Features:

Composition Designer

Customer Communication Management CCM – Composition Designer

The composition designer offers rich graphics capabilities with support for multiple types of graphs, charts, tables, various annotations such as highlight, redaction, stamps etc, and hyperlinks. It also provides multi-lingual support, layering support, and dictionary support for language translation.

Ease of Use

The Composition Designer is a highly intuitive and user friendly tool. Its drag-and-drop framework makes communication designing extremely easy and uncomplicated.

Customer Communication Management – Ease of Use

  • Component library with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Multiple layer support
  • Version control
  • Template and style gallery
  • Support for multiple types of graphs, charts, and tables
  • Barcode integration
  • Dynamic image URL
  • Placeholders for database field
  • System fields


Customer Communication Management CCM Software – Transpromos

The composition designer helps in designing targeted promotional messages, based on customer profile and other defined business rules. This allows effective use of transpromos to drive customer engagement, and facilitates cross-selling and up-selling. The tool also provides conditional annexure for cross selling and captures customer interest through dynamic hyper-linking.


Customer Communication Management CCM – Security

The composition designer ensures the safety and security of customer information. It supports password protected PDFs and digital signature integration, ensuring secure access to communication documents. The tool also offers a highly secure HTTPS enabled portal, with SSO and LDAP authentication support.


Customer Communication Management – Integration

The composition designer supports the following types of integration, which enable data inputs from disparate sources:

  • Web services
  • Middleware
  • Enterprise service bus


To minimize errors in the customer communication process, Newgen Customer Communication Management suite incorporates maker-checker authorization.

Customer Communication Management – Maker Checker

Approvals can be done at the following 3 stages:

  • Design Approval
  • Generation Approval
  • Distribution Approval

The tool allows for the following 3 types of sampling and audit:

  • Sequential Sampling
  • Random Sampling
  • Search

Document Authoring Plug-in

Customer Communication Management Solution – Document Authoring

Newgen Customer Communication Management suite offers a document authoring plug-in for MS Word. This plug-in empowers business users to create interactive communication documents, such as welcome kits, negotiated documents, business correspondence, etc. A business user can select a template from the template gallery, or create a new template in native designer/MS Word. The templates are editable and reusable. The templates can be checked-in or checked-out from MS-Word to maintain different versions.

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Customer Communication Management suite combines Newgen’s robust document management and workflow tools to create, personalize, and deliver consistent communications across multiple channels. It enables businesses to gain maximum traction from every customer interaction. It allows business users to utilize customer information to create timely and targeted communications.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Attract and retain more customers through a differentiated, highly personalized customer service program
  • Stay Compliant and Agile – Identify and respond to market opportunities through increased agility & and standardization across all customer communications
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Automate high volume customer communications by seamlessly managing millions of complex documents/correspondences
  • Robust Management and Monitoring – OmniOMS facilitates end-to-end management and monitoring of various processes
  • Secure Archival – The Archival Engine consists of a centralized content repository, equipped with standard adapters