OmniOMS Customer Communication Management Suite

Dynamically distribute content across channels, and improve effectiveness

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Make Every Communication Count with Newgen Customer Communication Management Suite

  • Multi-channel Distribution

    Multi-channel Distribution

    Distribution engine disperses output generated across multiple channels based on predefined business rules.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    Well equipped in handling content distribution across various social media platforms with ready adapters.

  • Improved Productivity

    Improved Productivity

    Built-in mechanism for approvals on design, distribution and generation ensures faster cycle times.

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Key Features:

Print Delivery and Tracking

Customer Communication Management – Print Delivery Tracking

The Distribution Engine supports rules-based distributed and centralized printing of documents. It allows business users to define the distribution criteria. The Distribution Engine suppresses the content for active channeling and also provides support for outsourced printing. It facilitates automatic sorting and enveloping of printed documents. Barcode integration helps in tracking returned mails. Based on the status of mail delivery, the status correspondence address is updated in the system. In case of returned mails, alternate strategies can be defined and appropriate actions can be taken, for e.g. stopping mails after three consecutive delivery failures, sending only electronic statements, initiating the process of updating the correspondence address, etc.

Email Delivery and Tracking

Customer Communication Management CCM - Email Delivery Tracking

The Distribution Engine provides the option of delivering communications via email. The message can either be embedded in the email body (HTML format), or sent as a PDF attachment. The PDF attachments are password protected. Status of e-mail delivery is tracked and corrective actions planned in case of bounced e-mails.

Web Publishing

Customer Communication Management – Web Publishing

With support for web publishing, the Distribution Engine helps deliver customer communications on web. Most relevant in case of on-demand communications, this feature allows customers to access, download, and print documents such as e-statements, price lists, quotes, etc. via customer service portals, or company websites. The Newgen solution supports seamless integration with web portals.

Mobile Services

Customer Communication Management – Mobile Services

In an increasingly mobile society, mobile phone has become one of the most important customer communication delivery channels. The Distribution Engine allows businesses to send SMS notifications/alerts to customers. It can also integrate with the mobile application of the service provider to allow customers to access and generate on-demand output on their mobile phones.

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Customer Communication Management suite combines Newgen’s robust document management and workflow tools to create, personalize, and deliver consistent communications across multiple channels. It enables businesses to gain maximum traction from every customer interaction. It allows business users to utilize customer information to create timely and targeted communications.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Attract and retain more customers through a differentiated, highly personalized customer service program
  • Stay Compliant and Agile – Identify and respond to market opportunities through increased agility & and standardization across all customer communications
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Automate high volume customer communications by seamlessly managing millions of complex documents/correspondences
  • Robust Management and Monitoring – OmniOMS facilitates end-to-end management and monitoring of various processes
  • Secure Archival – The Archival Engine consists of a centralized content repository, equipped with standard adapters