OmniOMS Customer Communication Management Suite

Generate structured, interactive or on-demand output

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Make Every Communication Count with Newgen Customer Communication Management Suite

  • Dynamic Output Scheduling

    Dynamic Output Scheduling

    Enables Job based output generation (Print or E-mail) and scheduling of output cycles based on customer preferences.

  • Robust Information Aggregation

    Robust Information Aggregation

    Generates highly personalized, real-time communications by leveraging information from multiple applications and enterprise systems.

  • Efficient Resource Optimization

    Efficient Resource Optimization

    Provides business users with real-time access to relevant information and an exhaustive gallery of templates to create personalized communications.

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Core Capabilities

Structured Output Engine

Structured output generally comprises of service relationship communication documents (e.g. utility bills, monthly account statements, etc.). Such communications are usually consistent in format and scheduled for delivery at specific intervals. To generate structured output the CCM solution should have the capability to source and merge variable data from multiple transaction systems.

Structured Output Engine is the component of Newgen Customer Communication Management that generates high-volume batch communications. Based on the triggered event, it takes input from staging data and the business rules associated with it, selects appropriate templates, and picks corresponding data to generate draft output files for corresponding communication channels. The draft files are moved through appropriate workflow for approvals. Once approved, the batch run gets initiated and the communication documents are routed to the delivery engine. The delivery engine further routes the documents to different communication channels based on the rules defined.

Interactive Output Engine

Interactive output refers to communication that requires considerable human involvement. Examples include communications such as welcome kits, negotiated contracts, business correspondence, etc., which are contextual and require business-users to customize messages as per customers’ specific needs. For efficient generation of interactive output the CCM solution should provide business users with real-time access to relevant information (interest rates, currency exchange rate, client data, etc.), and an exhaustive gallery of templates and formats to choose from.

Newgen Customer Communication Management suite is equipped with an Interactive Output Engine. Interactive communication is triggered either by a regulatory/business requirement or by user requests. The Interactive Output Engine allows business users to either select an existing template from the gallery, or create a new template in MS Word using the Document Authoring plug-in. The component combines data picked from the staging area or database, with variable data, usually entered by business users to generate the draft output files. Drafts are proofread/edited and then routed for approvals. Once approved, the final communication is delivered to the customer via his/her preferred delivery channel.

On-Demand Output Engine

On-Demand Output pertains to communication triggered by events such as customer requests, call center enquiries, transactions, web requests, email, SMS responses, etc. Examples include quotes, proposals, e-statements, policy statements, travel itineraries, etc. To efficiently generate on-demand output the CCM software should be able to access customer data from multiple sources, design engaging and personalized communications, and route those communications for delivery via customers’ preferred channels. The entire process should be completed in real-time and with minimal business user involvement.

Newgen CCM suite features an efficient On-Demand Output Engine, which generates highly personalized, real-time communications. As soon as a trigger is received by the system in the form of customer requests, purchases, call center enquiries, etc., the On-Demand Output Engine sources relevant customer data from multiple business applications to generate the required output. Based on associated business rules it selects an appropriate template, includes relevant transpromos, and routes the communication for further checks and delivery via customer’s preferred communication channel.

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Customer Communication Management suite combines Newgen’s robust document management and workflow tools to create, personalize, and deliver consistent communications across multiple channels. It enables businesses to gain maximum traction from every customer interaction. It allows business users to utilize customer information to create timely and targeted communications.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Attract and retain more customers through a differentiated, highly personalized customer service program
  • Stay Compliant and Agile – Identify and respond to market opportunities through increased agility & and standardization across all customer communications
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Automate high volume customer communications by seamlessly managing millions of complex documents/correspondences
  • Robust Management and Monitoring – OmniOMS facilitates end-to-end management and monitoring of various processes
  • Secure Archival – The Archival Engine consists of a centralized content repository, equipped with standard adapters