Records Management Software

Define and enforce records classification, retention and disposition policies

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  • Comprehensive Record Lifecycle Management

    Enable cost effective, policy based long-term archival of content including Physical, Electronic, Email and Social Records.

  • Governance and Compliance

    Manage mission-critical records and control information storage and access thus enhancing accountability.

  • Social Records

    Create comprehensive content records management by archiving and managing content from social media platforms as well.

ECM Records Management System

Record Management

Records Management is a critical imperative for most organizations today. It enables organizations to comply with myriad external regulations pertaining to content and information management. It also ensures that internal content management policies are followed.

The Records Management Solution enables an organization to manage all forms of organizational records like Physical and Electronic Documents according to laid down organizational Records Management policies. It is DoD 5015.02-STD certified along with Victoria Electronic Record System (VERS) certification

Organizations enjoy better control as the tool ensures that pertinent information can be found in a timely manner. The OmniDocs Records Management creates a structured and transparent manner of managing records right from creation to their eventual disposition. It enhances overall transparency, regulatory compliance and corporate accountability.

Social Records Management

Social Media is an increasingly important tool for enterprises to engage with customers. Due to the dynamic nature of social media content organizations require holistic lifecycle management of content at an enterprise level. Recent Regulatory mandates from National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) direct all US government agencies to manage social media records in accordance with the standard record management policies. Newgen has extended its DoD certified records management system to provide comprehensive management of social content, right from capture, processing to archival. Social Records provides the following functionalities :

  • Monitor social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.) of a company and enable viewing and replying to social messages
  • Segregate posts into different categories like complaint, request, profanity etc
  • Archival of social messages as records in a given classification scheme
  • Retention and disposition policies for social records
  • View and search social media conversation threads
  • Specialized handling of social media content for size

OmniDocs ECM Records Management Software Features

Sharing and Collaboration

ECM – Content Sharing and Collaboration

Records can be easily shared and transferred among users. Users and stakeholders can maintain functional security while handling records. The records manager seamlessly integrates with other enterprise applications simplifying content sharing and collaboration. The Records Manager can manage both physical and electronic records.

Security and Tracking

Enterprise Content Management – Security and Tracking

The Records Manager establishes access rights on File Plan, Records, Request/Return like Transfer Requests & Overdue Items and Administrative Functions like Generate report, Create location,enabling functional security for sharing and transferring records. The manager creates quick and easy access to records for legal discovery.

Regulatory Compliance

Enterprise Content Management – Regulatory Compliance Record

OmniDocs ECM Records Management Software helps meet regulatory compliance across verticals. The tool supports Digital Signatures and PKI Encryption Ability and is also DoD5015.2 compliant. The tool is VERS compliant.

Additional features of OmniDocs Records Management Software:

  • Tracking of electronic and non-electronic records
  • Request and transfer of records amongst users in RMA
  • Functional security for users sharing/transferring records
  • Granular search for records, record folders and record categories
  • Disposition policies for records and record folders
  • Social Media Records Management.
  • Driving regulatory compliance requirements across verticals such as defence, pharmaceutical, government etc
  • Supports import/export transfer schema to interact with any other DoD certified RMA
  • Email Archival archiving emails and associated attachments as records
  • Supports user configurable search outputs and desktop settings
  • System defined reports for planning and analysis
  • Managing of vital records
  • Multiple Legal Hold for preserving relevant information
  • Easy interface for Record Officers to manage assign to File Plan operation & end user requests

Benefits of Newgen’s Records Management Software

  • Records acquisition, classification, movement, storage, retrieval and disposition
  • Easy retrieval based on records properties, associated metadata and full text search on the entire content of the record.
  • Supports all types of content (Physical, Electronic, Email, Social Record)
  • Improves the record management policy for long term archival
  • Meets regulatory requirements and demonstrates compliance
  • Provides complete tracking of Physical Movement of Documents among different facilities
  • Record lifecycle rules for record archival and final destruction
  • Simple user interface for end users to add and index documents, search a record and ask for a physical copy
  • Providing extensive reports

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The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Content in Context – Deliver contextual, accurate and actionable content for streamlined processes
  • Content Life-cycle Management – Creating a structured existence for enterprise content from creation to disposition
  • Smart Collaboration – Enhance enterprise level collaboration with Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud capabilities
  • Social Content – Comprehensive features to facilitate collaboration such as Discussion Forums, Q &A, Bulletin boards, Chat
  • Web Content Management & Publishing – Integration with Drupal, Liferay and SharePoint using CMIS