Social Content Management

Leverage social content, build social engagement, and enhance customer experience

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The Newgen Advantage

  • Social Workspaces

    Social Workspaces

    Build social workspaces for individuals and teams through Discussion Forums, Q&As, bulletin boards and chat content subscription.

  • Sentiment and Content Analysis

    Sentiment and Content Analysis

    Draw valuable insights from Social Media content with the help of sentiment and content analysis.

  • Validated Social Content

    Validated Social Content

    Post only content which is defined, validated and approved on social media content, enhancing communication with external stakeholders.

Social Records Management

Social Media Records Management

Aided by rapid evolution in broadband and mobile technologies and also with the increasing penetration of the internet, social media is altering the concepts of consumer interaction and engagements. Social Content Management is gaining credence as a way to getting closer to different stakeholders of an enterprise. OmniDocs with its social content capabilities makes enterprise capable of creating social workspaces and also generate and social content management over social media platform .

OmniDocs ECM Suite combines Newgen Knowledge Management System (NKMS) and OmniSocial for creating holistic social content management and collaborative content creation at an enterprise level.

Social Content Features of OmniDocs

Social Interactions

OmniDocs ECM leverages Newgen Knowledge Management System (NKMS) to facilitate collaboration through Discussion Forums, Q&A, Bulletin Boards and Chat Content Subscription. Skill based expert identification & collaborative process design is also supported with the help of NKMS. Enterprise leaders can set up social work spaces within the organization for fluent and collaborative conversation for content creation and process management.NKMS includes a project/task management feature in NKMS enabling creation and assigning of projects . tasks to different users within the enterprise . Combined with the Business Activity Monitoring tool these projects /tasks can be assessed in real time.

Social Media Integration

OmniSocial has integration adapters for external social media platform like Facebook, Twitter which helps capture and manage content being exchanged on Social Media platforms. Once the information is captured from a particular platform, a configured rules engine auto-categories and initiates a process for review, analysis and archival. The product enables only rights based approval and publishing of content on Social Media platforms.Newgen also provides an option for leveraging OEM components for capturing of social media content. It has recently tied up with SMC4 for such services. The application allows social media content capture and utilization through sentiment analysis and content analytics.

Social Content Records Management

OmniDocs ECM provides social content records management by leveraging its DoD certified Records Management tool. Information from Social Platforms can be quickly captured and aggregated. The information can be classified and preserved with metadata such as date, content type, source etc. Doing so, enterprise users can have faster access to information.Appropriate controls and workflows so that only authorized content, with necessary approvals, is posted from the system on any social site are also an integral part of the tool.

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The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Content in Context – Deliver contextual, accurate and actionable content for streamlined processes
  • Content Life-cycle Management – Creating a structured existence for enterprise content from creation to disposition
  • Smart Collaboration – Enhance enterprise level collaboration with Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud capabilities
  • Social Content – Comprehensive features to facilitate collaboration such as Discussion Forums, Q &A, Bulletin boards, Chat
  • Web Content Management & Publishing – Integration with Drupal, Liferay and SharePoint using CMIS