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OmniDocs ECM suite lends organizations both flexibility and scalability to grow in a highly demanding marketplace. Businesses across the globe have benefitted by orchestrating large volumes of enterprise data and converting it into actionable intelligence

Scalable for Managing High Volumes : OmniDocs ECM has an n-tier Web Centric Architecture providing it massive scalability. It supports clustering and farm mode deployment.

J2EE and Unicode based Architecture : Newgen OmniDocs ECM suite is platform independent and can be deployed on multiple application servers and industry standard databases. It is built leveraging a multi-tier; scalable J2EE based architecture with support for clustering and load balancing. It is Unicode-based and the multi-lingual support makes it operational across geographies.

Integration with business systems using Web Services, Messaging and XML API : Newgen OmniDocs ECM Suite provides standard interfaces in both webservice and Restful AtomPub bindings for all mandatory services such as creating,reading, writing, deleting and searching content across repositories, as prescribed by the CMIS standards. It is compatible with all industry standard browsers including Chrome, Safari and IE. It offers integration with other business applications including Web services, JMS, EJBs, invoking URLs, SAP Archive Link and BAPI. Integration adaptors are available for systems such as SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Finnacle, and SharePoint among others.

Migration : Newgen provides strong content migration through inbuilt Content Migration tools (along with scripts and professional service). We also have established partnership with leading OEM/Migration Service Provider. Our Content Migration methodology includes Data Discovery, Verification & Cleansing, Extraction, Transformation, Auditing, Migration & Verification. Migration tool offers intelligence for de-duplication checks, auto-categorization & migration of data from other repositories.

Enterprise Class Security : OmniDocs ECM suite has been successfully audited against customers’ internal security, compliance and server hardening policies across verticals like Banks, BPO, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare and Public Sector. The product suite provides strong security features and audit trails of all actions are archived in the system.

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The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Content in Context – Deliver contextual, accurate and actionable content for streamlined processes
  • Content Life-cycle Management – Creating a structured existence for enterprise content from creation to disposition
  • Smart Collaboration – Enhance enterprise level collaboration with Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud capabilities
  • Social Content – Comprehensive features to facilitate collaboration such as Discussion Forums, Q &A, Bulletin boards, Chat
  • Web Content Management & Publishing – Integration with Drupal, Liferay and SharePoint using CMIS