Web Content Management & Publishing

Leverage workflow driven Web Content Management and integrated publishing

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The Newgen Advantage

  • Vibrant Collaboration

    Vibrant Collaboration

    Collaborate to manage high content centric web-pages, portals and websites.

  • Integration

    Intelligent Integration

    Leverage a tool which integrates with applications like Drupal, Liferay, Ms Office to drive content publishing over the web.

  • Structured Publishing

    Structured Publishing

    Move content through a structured process within a workflow for structured publishing.

Web Content Management Software

Web Content Management Software

OmniDocs ECM Web Content Management facilitates users to create, review & publish documents from its repository to web sites and webpages. OmniDocs ECM simplifies web content management and helps in delivering vibrant collaboration over high content centric web applications. The Web Content Management tool integrates with applications such as MS Office to provide authoring capabilities. It also offers a basic rich text editor based authoring tool. It also integrates with tools such as SharePoint etc for collaborative authoring. For publishing the WCM integrates with applications such as Drupal, LifeRay and SharePoint through CMIS.

Web Publishing

The Web Content Management and Publishing application supports strong workflow capabilities for content approval and publishing process. Administrators can define roles with different permissions for content authorship and approval process. Different workflows can be created through action items for different types of contents. Every workflow ends with filing the approved publishing contents to sub Folder of corresponding type. Once the publishing properties and render is finalized through a Publishing Manager, the Publishing Servicewill push the published content to the web site.

Before making a document live over the web the application associates certain propertives with it such as:

Web Publishing Solution

  • Publishing Name
  • Publishing date
  • Expiry date
  • Rendering templates

The product can convert MS-Office and Image documents to HTML or PDF, which are web-renderable formats.

Multi-Channel Output

Multi Channel Output

The product components support multi channel output capabilities. Content can be accessed through Mobile and tablet devices through apps like OmniDocs on Mobile, OmniFlow on Mobile. There are integration adaptors available for Social media to publish and capture content. In addition to this the WCM is also integrated with components such as SMC4 for publishing content on social media channels.

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The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Content in Context – Deliver contextual, accurate and actionable content for streamlined processes
  • Content Life-cycle Management – Creating a structured existence for enterprise content from creation to disposition
  • Smart Collaboration – Enhance enterprise level collaboration with Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud capabilities
  • Social Content – Comprehensive features to facilitate collaboration such as Discussion Forums, Q &A, Bulletin boards, Chat
  • Web Content Management & Publishing – Integration with Drupal, Liferay and SharePoint using CMIS