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Newgen OmniAcquire is a smart multi-channel distributed capture platform which facilitates capture of critical business information from multi-function peripherals (MFPs), mobile devices, e-mails, fax, hot folders, scanners and the web.

OmniAcquire offers state of the art solutions for on-demand capture at the point of service. The capture engine is flanked by one of its kind workflow capabilities that enable efficient processing of content. OmniAcquire provides organizations with flexibility to create workflows based on business use cases which need to be serviced.

  • Increase Business

    Anytime Anywhere information capture and processing to improve business cycle time and customer services

  • Enhance Customer

    Ensure faster turnaround time via First-Time-Right content capture capability across the enterprise

  • Improve Information Security

    Encrypted communication and multi-level authentication ensures complete information security

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Multi-Channel Capture: OmniAcquire

Multi-Channel Capture: OmniAcquire

Core Capabilities of OmniAcquire Flexible Capture Workflow

Capture Information from Multiple Sources


OmniAcquire enables organizations to securely capture paper-based and digital content from mobile, Multi-function Peripherals (MFPs), e-mails, fax, hot folders, scanners and the web. It also allows users to capture process specific information for contextual processing of documents.

Extract, Enhance and Transform Captured Information


OmniAcquire automatically cleans and enhances the quality of scanned images by using various image enhancement techniques. Automatic image compression and cropping ensures quick data transmission. To simplify the work of users, it also comes with features such as automatic document separation and Barcode, OCR and MICR extraction.

Process Information using Flexible Workflow Capabilities


OmniAcquire provides one of its kind capture workflow capabilities which gives flexibility to organisations to create workflows based on business use cases to be serviced. Organisations can also control visibility of information and documents at different tasks in a workflow. Users can only see the metadata fields and documents for which they are authorised.

Deliver Output to Multiple Channels


Information and documents captured and processed are quickly and seamlessly delivered to defined destinations. The “Route to” functionality lets users send the captured documents and information to virtually any destination including ECM/BPM platforms, ERP, Hot folders, emails, Fax etc. via ‘out of box’ integration adaptors. Captured documents can be stored as searchable PDFs, allowing users to easily retrieve them.

Consistent User Experience


The intuitive and easy to use user interface provides a consistent look and feel across a range of devices such as MFPs, Mobile devices and Web Desktop. Also, users get the flexibility to perform operations from any device based on their availability and convenience.

Secure Captured Content


OmniAcquire supports enterprise data security through authentication, role-based access to business workflows and encryption. The security and encryption functionality of the system safeguards information and documents from any unauthorized access.

Leverage Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities


Based on different parameters, users can access various drilled down graphical reports for device utilization, workflow usage and turnaround time, user items status and audit logs. Based on these reports, business users can take corrective actions to improve the overall effectiveness of the system and enhance customer experience.

Supported Xerox MFP Devices

  • WorkCentre 3655
  • WorkCentre 78xx
  • ColorQube 8700/8900
  • WorkCentre 59xx
  • WorkCentre 72xx
  • WorkCentre 6655
  • ColorQube 93xx
  • WorkCentre 58xx
  • WorkCentre 7970
  • WorkCentre 53xx

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Newgen OmniAcquire provides organizations with flexibility to create workflows based on business use cases which need to be serviced. This facilitates customer service within the organization via improved turnaround times and accuracy of information capture. Business Benefits. OmniAcquire workflows are a sequence of tasks that are associated withthe capture of documents & related information. Tasks executed within OmniAcquire can be:

  • Document and Information capture
  • Transformation, extraction and image enhancement
  • Review & Addition of Notes
  • Review & Approve or Reject
  • Delivery of content to multiple destinations