Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework

Robust mobility framework to empower businesses across timezones & geographies

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  • Configure Responsive Apps

    Accelerate your digital business strategy with reusable, plug & play components of the framework

  • Unify CX Across Devices

    Collaborate across functions and customers in a multi-device, secure and unified environment

  • Leverage Legacy Systems

    Eliminate dependency on regional silos to interface with legacy systems for global business growth

The Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework (NEMF) is a smart way for enterprises to undertake enterprise-wide mobility initiatives and embark on a digital transformation journey. It is a framework to swiftly develop, deploy and deliver highly configurable hybrid mobile applications, which can support various functions in your organization. It facilitates a range of capabilities that enable workers to interact, share, collaborate, socialize and offer services in a seamless way.

NEMF comes equipped with plug and play components, enterprise level security, advanced data and document capture and adaptors for integration with back-end systems to enable rapid, low code app development. It enables businesses to improve information management and extend flexibility to accommodate process changes without sacrificing service levels.

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Brochure: Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework

  • Learn how NEMF can enable enterprises to embark on a digital transformation journey
  • Know about the common requirements for business apps
  • Know how enterprises can witness measurable results in productivity and reduce operating costs

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Enterprise Mobility Features

  • Integration Framework & Adaptors– Integrate mobile apps with back-end systems. Provide out-of-the-box adaptors for OmniDocs, OmniFlow, SAP and other standard systems
  • Advanced Imaging– Capture high quality document images and build content-centric apps to mobilize business processes
  • Configurability– Manage user interface elements such as look & feel, batch sizes, enabling and disabling of options without making any additions or alteration to codes
  • Security– Build and deploy apps in accordance with the security and management policy of an enterprise
  • Multi-device & Operating System Compatibility– Create hybrid apps and deliver delightful user experience across devices. Offer default support for all the major mobile operating systems such as IOS and Android

Enterprise Mobility Business Benefits

Leveraging NEMF, enterprises can cater to their distinct needs, address customer requirements and witness several business benefits such as:

    • Informed decision-making
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Better visibility across processes
    • Higher field-force productivity
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Real-time customer engagement
    • Cross/Up-sell opportunities
    • Better privacy and security

Mobility in Newgen’s Flagship Products

Mobility in iBPS – Newgen OmniFlow iBPS extends its business process management (BPM) capabilities on a mobile platform, enabling end users to deliver on-the-go. It enables anytime-anywhere secure access to critical processes and information, improving overall responsiveness and performance. To know more, click here

Mobility in ECM – OmniDocs™ Mobile allows business users to create, capture, share, process, archive, and retrieve documents via mobile. Information users can capture data rich documents, instantly upload them to a central repository and add/ view folders. To know more, click here

Newgen Smart Apps

Newgen offers a broad range of mobile applications for different industries, which are developed on a robust platform – Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework (NEMF). Businesses across diversified domains such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, and Logistics can deploy these smart apps and roll out their business processes on mobile in a user-friendly manner. To know more, Click Here

Whitepaper: Rapid Mobility

Whitepaper: Rapid Mobility

  • How to accomplish Rapid Mobility
  • Mobility for mainstream business use cases
  • Know about the shift towards smart process applications

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Our Customers

  • A new generation Bank, established in mid-90’s, reduced its process cycle times, maintained cost efficiencies and targeted service levels using Newgen’s solution. The solution enabled them to improve adherence to SLAs while drastically reducing their process turnaround times.
  • A $30+ Bn financial institution automated its manual processes with Newgen’s solution. The solution enabled them to extend anytime access to business documents to their global users and maximized their operational efficiencies.
  • A full-service commercial Bank, with a network that spans across continents, used Newgen’s platform for complete automation and integration between processes and existing legacy system. The bank streamlined its 10 critical processes and reduced turnaround time by 90%.