Newgen OmniDocs Mobile

Easy and secured access to enterprise content for mobile workforce

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  • Easy Information Access

    Enable business users to view, search, download, upload information on the fly

  • Secured Accessibility

    Get rights-based access and encrypted storage to ensure information security

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Enable delivery of contextual content to users, enhancing efficiency & reusability

OmniDocs Mobile enables widely distributed workforce to access business information when & where it is required. Users can capture and sieve through huge volume of documents, which are stored in an organization’s ECM repository. It allows business users to manage the operational costs associated with retrieval, transfer, and disposal of documents. The users can manage multiple versions of enterprise documents and track changes across different levels. They can archive, retrieve, add and view folders in the ECM suite.

With both web and mobile version of Newgen’s OmniDocs ECM suite, users can access critical business information via desktop applications and/or mobile application. Users can dig deep into details of processes and content engagement data with the help of personalized dashboards.

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Brochure: OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Suite

  • Learn how to enhance information accessibility, facilitate fast retrieval & secure content in all its forms
  • Know about Workflow & Business Process Management
  • Know how to create 360-degree Business Activity Monitoring and track process performance

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OmniDocs Mobile Features

  • Easy Information Access – Bridge the gap between business operations and workforce. Enable easy access to documents amid information users
  • Secure Document Addition – Add documents via mobile application and upload them into central ECM repository
  • Quick Document Search – Search documents with the help of data classes and search criterion stored in the repository
  • Folder Search and Addition – Create and access folders in the ECM repository
  • Imaging Features – Capture, archive and retrieve all types of document formats coming from various sources
  • Social Media Sharing – Share documents stored in the ECM repository on social media, email and other channels in a convenient manner

OmniDocs Mobile Benefits

  • Get easy access to organization’s ECM suite from desktop as well as smartphone
  • Enable simple and easy navigation to browse content
  • Create and edit documents in the Enterprise Content Suite via mobile application
  • Get complete security including access control, data encryption on device, and digital signatures
  • Reduce operating costs and shorten business processing cycle by a significant margin
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    • Learn if it Is it time for the birth of Content Services
    • Find out Would ECM be reborn as Information Management

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    • Know what lies at the core of digital transformation
    • Know the role of people, process, system and things in digital transformation

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Our Customers

  • A new generation Bank, established in mid-90’s, reduced its process cycle times, maintained cost efficiencies and targeted service levels using Newgen’s solution. The solution enabled them to improve adherence to SLAs while drastically reducing their process turnaround times.
  • A $30+ Bn financial institution automated its manual processes with Newgen’s solution. The solution enabled them to extend anytime access to business documents to their global users and maximized their operational efficiencies.
  • A full-service commercial Bank, with a network that spans across continents, used Newgen’s platform for complete automation and integration between processes and existing legacy system. The bank streamlined its 10 critical processes and reduced turnaround time by 90%.