Reporting and Analytics

Leverage process insights and practice continuous process improvement

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  • Effective Process Management

    Automate performance assessment against a pre-defined list of process KPIs

  • Smarter Decision Making

    Make effective and quick decisions to benefit from significant business events

  • Detailed Risk Analysis

    Detect frauds, evaluate credit risks, and detect money laundering

Brochure: Newgen OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite


Newgen OmniFlow iBPS offers analytical capabilities that allow you to preempt market dynamics and stay one step ahead of the competition. The capabilities allow organizations to discover business significant events, improve decision making, reduce decision latency, predict outcomes and evolve action plans.

Newgen’s Business Activity Monitoring tool provides real-time monitoring of processes, relevant process artifacts and process participants’ deliverables. Personalized dashboards allow business users to easily design reports, define KPIs and set alerts to proactively gauge upcoming threats or opportunities.

Key Features

  • 360 degree view of processes with comprehensive graphical charts, reports and dashboards
  • Reports on cycle times, cost per transaction, geographic performance, resource utilization, and SLA adherence
  • Rules based alerts for every level of stakeholders, enabling faster bottleneck resolution
  • Execute active, on-demand and predictive analysis on the process data
  • Prescriptive analytics to detect frauds, evaluate credit risks and detect money laundering
  • Real-time process data analytics to control costs and optimize business processes
  • Content analytics to deliver right and relevant content for task being performed

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Newgen OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite (OmniFlow iBPS) is the BPM platform of choice for organizations looking to transform their operations through customer centric process innovations. You can now leverage the best of traditional BPMS offerings from Newgen in combination with cutting-edge, emerging technologies in Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and Internet of Things (IoT) to attain speed and agility in your business.

  • Leverage Business Moments – Empower resources with contextual insights and operational flexibility
  • Become Customer Centric – Create 360 degree view of customers information to deliver the best-in-class experience
  • Drive Change – Preempt market dynamics and bring transformational agility in your operations
  • Smart Process Execution – The OmniFlow iBPS Workflow engine lies at the core of the platform and orchestrates all structured and ad-hoc processes
  • Monitoring and Analytics – Our OmniFlow iBPS expands the scope of process analytics by encompassing active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)