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OmniScan benefits

Makes Paperless Business Possible

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OmniScan enables organizations to accelerate their business performance by converting the stacks of paper documents into electronic actionable data which can be easily processed and managed as per the business requirement.

Highly Scalable

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OmniScan can be used to address the capture needs of a single department or can be expanded to meet the complex requirements of the entire enterprise. It provides the flexibility to scale based on the capture needs, from hundreds to millions of documents per day, OmniScan captures it all.

Reduce Operating Cost

Reduced Costs through Greater Automation

OmniScan allows organizations to achieve greater cost benefits by bringing down the operating cost for document handling, storage, manual entry and verification of data through automation of document intensive business processes.

Resource Optimization

High Speed Scanning Solution

OmniScan enables users to concentrate on their core work by automating time-intensive and error-prone manual document capture activities such as classification, separation, verification and indexing of data. This results in effective utilization of resources within the organization.

Faster Document Processing


OmniScan speeds the capture of paper and electronic documents and allows more transactions per minute by simultaneously executing bulk scan, classification, image enhancement and extraction, followed by single click data transfer into existing business systems.

High Quality Data Output

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OmniScan helps organizations to reduce manual errors and deliver high quality data into back end systems such as ERP, ECM, BPM etc. through automated classification, separation, and extraction. This cuts down the amount of time and resources needed to index and verify information and ensures more reliable data is available in backend systems for future use.

Mitigate Information Security and Compliance Risk

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OmniScan is compliant with industry standard security policies. It supports enterprise data security and compliance through rights based access to information, encrypted communication, encrypted storage and by providing complete audit trail of the document handling process.

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OmniScan is an advanced distributed document scanning solution for scalable high volume production environment which goes beyond content capture. It accelerates business processes by capturing information and transforming it into actionable business data. Information originating from paper and electronic documents can be effectively scanned and delivered to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP.

  • Digitizing Workspaces – OmniScan converts the stacks of paper documents into electronic actionable data which can be easily processed and managed as per the business requirement
  • Intelligent Image Enhancements and extraction – Scan thousands of documents in a go and ensure flawless information capture with Newgen Document Quality Analyser and extraction capabilities
  • Easy Integration with leading Industry Applications – Deliver valuable, authenticated and relevant data to enterprise applications such as ECM, BPM and ERPs
  • Distributed Document Scanning Support – OmniScan makes distributed capture easy and possible. Irrespective of where the content is located, users can introduce it into enterprise systems with the help of OmniScan

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