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OmniScan for SharePoint

Are you challenged with huge volume of paper documents which you want to manage effectively in SharePoint? Use Newgen OmniScan solution to unlock the power of information locked in paper documents by scanning documents directly into SharePoint.

Newgen OmniScan is a high-volume, production-level document capture and indexing software which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint. It enables users from various locations such as HQ, branch and home offices to easily scan and index paper documents, then store them in a SharePoint repository.
OmniScan has ready integration capability with SharePoint on premise as well as SharePoint 365.

Key Benefits of OmniScan Solution

  • Capture information and documents at the point of origination
  • Automatically populate index fields based on OCR and bar code extraction
  • Automatic image enhancement using Document quality analyzer (DQA)
  • Easily route captured content using SharePoint in-built connector
  • Create folders dynamically within SharePoint based on captured indexes
  • Easily search and retrieve documents from SharePoint repository
  • Compress captured documents up to one-tenth of original size which results in quick transmission into SharePoint repository and better repository utilization.

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OmniScan for SAP

OmniScan seamlessly integrates with SAP’s transaction oriented solutions. It adds value to SAP solutions as it lets an enterprise:

  • Complete Content Management and Workflow processes for SAP run applications.
  • Extract, Index and Deliver process ready information to SAP systems.
  • Multi-modal and distributed capture of information and redirecting the same to SAP applications.
  • Easy one step digitization for SAPs modules.

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OmniScan for OmniDocs

OmniScan dovetails seamlessly with Newgen’s Enterprise Content Management Solution’ OmniDocs. The integration creates for organisation’s a comprehensive and astute ECM environment right from capturing to archival of documents and information. Needless to say that by that both products harness the quality.

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OmniScan is an advanced distributed document scanning solution for scalable high volume production environment which goes beyond content capture. It accelerates business processes by capturing information and transforming it into actionable business data. Information originating from paper and electronic documents can be effectively scanned and delivered to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP.

  • Digitizing Workspaces – OmniScan converts the stacks of paper documents into electronic actionable data which can be easily processed and managed as per the business requirement
  • Intelligent Image Enhancements and extraction – Scan thousands of documents in a go and ensure flawless information capture with Newgen Document Quality Analyser and extraction capabilities
  • Easy Integration with leading Industry Applications – Deliver valuable, authenticated and relevant data to enterprise applications such as ECM, BPM and ERPs
  • Distributed Document Scanning Support – OmniScan makes distributed capture easy and possible. Irrespective of where the content is located, users can introduce it into enterprise systems with the help of OmniScan

Disclaimer: This is a trail version, the license lasts you for 30 days