• Faster Go To Market with Commercial Lending Software
  • Straight Through Processing with Commercial Lending Solution
  • Surviving With Legacy
  • Invest Once & Configure For Life with Loan Origination Software
  • Fix Broken Lending Processes with Commercial Loan Software
  • Thriving With Legacy
  • Buy vs Build
  • Loan Review At 100x Speed with Commercial Loan Solution
  • Automate & Scale with Commercial Loan Solutions
  • Live Business Impact with Commercial Lending Solutions
  • Platform To Standardize

Webinar: Become A Commercial Lending Superhero

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    Whitepaper: New age lending for Small Businesses

    • SBA lending has necessitated banks to evolve as new age lenders. Learn why?
    • Add to the lifetime value of small business loans with a unified lending platform

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    Whitepaper: Case for Automation in Lending

    • Get insights on how to leverage legacy investments in technology
    • Commercial lending taking up 35-40% of bigger bank’s lending portfolio. Know why?

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    Whitepaper: 5 Dimensions of Digital C&I Lending

    • What does ‘Digital Imperative’ mean for banks?
    • What bottlenecks do the banks face while implementing Digital in Commercial Lending?

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    Whitepaper: Disjointed Commercial Loan Origination

    • Why broken processes are hazardous to growth in commercial lending?
    • What are the primary reasons for a broken lending processes

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    eBook: Select the Right Commercial Lending Software

    • What software functionalities will fix the technology gaps in the lending process?
    • 10 critical questions you need to ask before on-boarding a commercial lending vendor

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  • Brochure: Commercial Lending Solutions

    • How to serve customers better by supporting all initiation channels?
    • Know about a full range of loan types–from prospecting and origination to underwriting, disbursement and servicing

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  • Brochure: Simplifying Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Loan

    • All about a simple, unified and efficient model for processing CRE loans
    • Monitor business and process reports such as KPI/SLA Reports, Risk Reports, and Compliance Reports

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  • Brochure: Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Automation

    • Mitigate the need for coding related time and cost burdens
    • Inherent benefits of Newgen SBA Loan Origination System

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Webinar: Become A Commercial Lending Superhero With Right Technology As Your Sidekick

  • 9 reasons to consider a technology change
  • Breaking the buy v/s build paradigm
  • How to attack weak process zones

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  • Case Study: Bank Dhofar

    • 75% – 80% reduction in turnaround time
    • 90-95% improvement in First-Time-Right (FTR) processing
    • 70% improvement in employee productivity through reduction in manual intervention

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  • Case Study: A Multi-National Bank

    • Single unified interface ensures reduction in processing time, effort and probability of error
    • Real time end-to end-tracking of cases
    • Automatic archival of attached documents in the electronic document repository

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    Case Study: New York Based Community Bank

    • Enhanced customer experience
    • Enhanced tracking and monitoring of loan application by 75%
    • Increased customer auditing and regulatory compliance by 75%

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Media Coverages

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    Newgen Joins New York Bankers Association

    • Newgen Software Inc. has joined New York Bankers Association (NYBA)
    • Newgen will partner with member banks to automate end-to-end lending cycle for full range of lending products

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    On Your Mark….Loans Approved!

    • Commercial loan origination software can streamline a bank’s commercial lending business
    • It is a single application window to cater to multiple business lines with better regulatory compliance

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Newgen offers a single window IT environment with high flexi-scalability that provides life-cycle management of all aspects of commercial lending with differentiators such as:

  • Ready-made solution accelerators for executing and managing end-to-end services such as origination / initiation to disbursement and servicing.
  • Integration with a Banks third party and legacy applications such as Core Banking Solutions, Rating applications, External Credit Bureau systems etc.
  • Innovations such as mobile based initiation and servicing lead to faster customer on-boarding, augmenting business volumes and also enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that business values across functions are maximized and create a single window platform for Commercial Lending across the enterprise.

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