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  • Deliver customer convenience

    Quickly on-board customers with a consistent and intuitive online account opening process

  • Expand reach to

    Onboard customers 24X7 without added investment in a physical setup/branch

  • Improve cross-sells
    & upsells

    Suggest new products to customers based on their profile, leading to enhanced revenue

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Newgen Online Account Opening Solution

Online Account OpeningBanks are increasingly adopting online and mobile channels for on-boarding customers quickly. However, unfriendly online forms, non interactive and unappealing interfaces, poor cross-channel user experience and the inevitable branch visit/offline work continues to contribute to the low uptake of online account opening by customers. Newgen Online Account Opening Solution addresses these challenges and provides a platform that is smart, intuitive, interactive and easy to use for bank customers and lives up to their expectations. The Solution is focused on usability and configurability. Usability ensures that the online account opening interface is simple, comprehensive and intuitive enough for any customer to stay on the application to see through completion or to save intermittently and come back for completion. Configurability provides a future proof solution for banks to adapt with market dynamics and customer needs.

Online Account Opening Process

Newgen Online Account Opening Process Automation Framework

Features of Newgen Online Account Opening Solution

Multi-Channel On-Boarding

MultichannelConsistent and intuitive online account opening form that customers can access from their PC/Laptop, Tablets and Mobile at their convenience.

Minimizing Data Entry

DataPersonal information from uploaded identification documents like driving license are auto-fetched and pre-filled in the application form, thereby reducing the need for additional typing. Social media integration also relieves the applicant from filling in basic details.

Document Collection

Document CollectionApplicants are notified of the required documentation based on the accounts selected, customer profile etc. Documents can be directly uploaded online or document pictures can be captured using mobile camera. Applicant signatures are also captured using mobile/tablets.

Interactive Strategies

InteractiveAs the applicants are filling the application on mobile/online, their activities are tracked to give intelligent assistance to the applicants. Also, applicants have the option to save their application and continue from where they left to complete their applications.

Automated Funding

FundsNewgen solution provides various methods for online funding, including account transfers, debit/credit card, mobile check deposits and branch funding to give real time and offline options to applicants.


Cross Sale Customer profile based products can be offered to the applicants towards the closure of the process. Newgen solution executes the rules based on the customer profile and selects the cross selling options.


DashboardBusiness users see real time dashboards to get insights on the customer behavior on completion time, withdrawal rate, withdrawal reasons, time to withdraw etc to continuously improve the customer experience.

Notification and Exception Handling

NotificationThroughout the process, applicants and bank users get notifications on process events such as verification check, account funding, etc. Exceptions are flagged for back / middle office support users to reach out to applicant, help resolve exceptions and see through the completion of account opening.


ComplianceThe system integrates with various third party systems to validate applicant information, credit history, address, AML status, application duplicity or blacklist checks. E-sign facilities are available to the applicants to provide consent for these checks. Compliance with Regulation B is ensured by providing the required disclosures in electronic formats with the option of print, download and email.

Benefits of Newgen Online Account Opening Solution

  • Increase client satisfaction with seamless customer on-boarding
  • Consistent customer experience across channels
  • Reduced abandonment rate
  • Revenue enhancement with cross selling opportunities
  • Ensure transparency and audit ability by complying with regulatory mandates

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Are your new account opening requests plagued by standalone processes, lack of intradepartmental co-ordination, too much paperwork and pending requests which is increasing your customer on-boarding time? Are you looking for a new bank account opening solution that is flexible, scalable, has the potential to centralize and streamline account opening process and at the same time easy to deploy across branches and cost-effective too? Try Newgen Online Account Opening Software for a smooth customer on-boarding. Here’s how we can deliver value to your existing account opening process:

  • Monitor real-time and measure the number of new customer inducted
  • Generate internal and regulatory reports
  • Track, manage, measure and audit activities for increased transparency in operations
  • Dynamically change/improve processes as per change in products, policies and regulations
  • Improve turnaround time, meet internal SLAs, reduce resolution time and improve customer satisfaction level