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  • Create smarter, more efficient Field Force

    Empower field agents with advanced tools to capture, exchange and process information on the fly.

  • Deliver world class customer experience

    Provide enhanced customer services and real-time, personalized communications to increase delighted customers.

  • Transform operations for better productivity

    Reduce cycle times and cut down the operational costs to create more productive and swifter processes.

Case Study: Learn how ICICI bank is opening 600 accounts a day with ZapIn at customer doorsteps

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Mobility has transformed the banking landscape globally by opening up opportunities for banks to provide on time and on the go services to their customers. Organizations must now think beyond traditional brick and mortar structures and adopt this unique platform to create anytime-anywhere banking; the real market differentiation. A pertinent question then arises “How can enterprises fully leverage this revolutionary platform to optimize resource performance as well as enhance the customer experience?” – Tab Banking is the answer.

Here are some of the key processes that can be transformed using Newgen Tab Banking Solution

Lead Management

Field force is a bank’s first point of contact with the customer and can often be the difference between success and failure. Yet, for many organizations it is the point where most of their enterprise systems and productivity tools stop making an impact. Newgen Tab Banking solution enables dynamic lead management capabilities for the field agents while they are on the move. Key processes such as prospect management, need gap analysis, real-time application processing, gaining product intelligence becomes easy and swift with Newgen Tab Banking solution.

Customer On-boarding

The On-boarding experience is critical for harboring a deep level of engagement with the customers. Smooth on-boarding can go a long way in creating strong customer loyalties and generate numerous cross/up selling opportunities for banks. Newgen Tab Banking solution is a flexible and reliable system that empowers field agents to initiate on-boarding ‘on the fly’. Field agents capture customer information on their mobile devices and initiate the eKYC process to validate it. They can then upload it to the core banking system and track the application status on a real-time basis. Processes like account opening, loan origination (retail and commercial), credit cards issuance etc. can be easily managed through this application.

Customer Servicing

Field agent empowered with the Newgen Tab Banking solution can also perform account servicing activities from the field itself. Customer requests like KYC update, address change, debit card request, internet banking etc. involve physical documents. The agent can capture details of the service request, corresponding documents and customer’s signature on the tablet itself to initiate the process from the field, thereby eliminating the need for the customer to visit the branch. A reference number is generated in the tablet for tracking. Instantly after uploading, the back office user is notified and the request is ready for further processing.


Newgen Tab Banking solution helps reduce the cycle time and bring greater transparency to the collections process. It enables collections agents to fetch the delinquency list along with complete customer details (account number, due amount, due date etc.) on their mobile phones. This helps them approach the customer in an informed manner. They can also update the system on a real-time basis with the payment updates that will trigger an immediate action from the central office. A robust mobile enabled collections process brings down the time lag between payment collection and its entry into the system considerably, enabling banks to better plan their finances. It ensures compliance with legislative mandates/state laws through seamless customer communication and expedited account reconciliations. Real-time MIS reports generated on mobile platform allows comprehensive audit trails, eliminating the chances of fraud of any manner.

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Mobile Banking to allow its customers to tap into Bank’s services from the comfort of their homes or offices. The primary objective of this innovation is to reduce account opening TAT and eliminate rejections due to incomplete Account Opening Forms or KYC document mismatches.

Newgen’s Mobile Capture solution – ZapIn allows the business executive to capture physical application forms and initiate its processing in real time at the point of contact.

ZapIn helps the business executive on-the-move, to capture customer information while he is face-to-face with the customer and instantly initiate its processing at the back-office. ZapIn is available both on Mobile phones and Tablets. Its benefits includes:

  • Each and every Account Opened is audited by a Sales Manager instantly
  • Different MIS Report and real-time tracking of the application
  • Field level validations prevent initiation of account opening applications with wrong data.
  • Easy audit and tracking
  • Customer are delighted as they are getting services at point of contact
  • Minimal manual intervention has ensured “First Time Right” for all the operations