Business Process Outsourcing

Attain operational efficiency for business process excellence

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  • Enhance Resource Productivity

    Efficiently manage work load and track resource performance across process life cycle to maximize their productivity.

  • Simplify Complex Process Deployment

    Highly agile solution framework allows BPO organizations to create efficient processes spanning multiple industries and geographies.

  • Ensure Operational Efficiencies

    Automate core elements of processes and gain complete visibility to remove any bottlenecks and enhance performance.

Case Study: Newgen helps leading BPO in automating Accounts Payable process for a client across North America

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has long been the strategic choice for companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving their service quality, increasing shareholder value and focusing on their core business capabilities.With rapid globalization transforming business operations across industries, BPO industry is poised for unprecedented growth. However, most global enterprises prefer to tread this path with caution as it involves great risk, especially for the customer related processes. Organizations undertake stringent due diligence and performance mapping before zeroing in on the most capable vendor for outsourcing their critical processes.

Newgen solutions for BPOs allow organizations to ensure the highest quality standards and complete process transparency, when servicing their clients. It transforms Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) vendors from being mere service providers to becoming valued partners for their clients by creating significant operational efficiencies across the process lifecycle. Newgen’s breadth of capabilities, proven project management skills and an inherent ability to integrate technology with business processes makes it the natural choice as your technology partner.

Some of the key vertical specific processes for BPOs which can be optimized using Newgen’ Business Process Management solutions are:

  • Healthcare – Medicare enrolment, medicaid enrollment, provider contracting, claims processing etc.
  • Banking and Finance – Account opening, account servicing, customer query resolution, mortgage processing (loan origination) and others in trade finance business.
  • Insurance – New business, claims and anything that follows an ACORD form in insurance.
  • Telecom – Customer on boarding & acquisition, data entry & verification, complaints handling, disputes, bill processing etc. among others.

Newgen has already brought significant value to many top of the line BPO vendors through its Business Process Management (BPM) solutions with below built in capabilities

Process Designing

BPOs face the arduous task of designing and implementing complex process across diverse industries spanning multiple geographies. Newgen’s suite of solutions for business process outsourcing (BPO) industry helps BPO service providers to rapidly define, model, deploy and modify complex processes. It provides them a robust framework to deploy varied processes with equal amount of ease and efficiency. Its collaborative process modeling and simulation tools help process architects in overcoming differences in perception, language and understanding by allowing them to interact in a real time environment.

Dynamic Queue Management

The unpredictable and ad-hoc nature of work often creates unrealistic timelines for BPO service providers. Bottlenecks are created that choke up the day to day work. Newgen’s solutions for BPO service vendors fosters intelligent queue management and enables ad-hoc routing and reassigning of work to create operational efficiency.

Staff Management

Resource optimization is the most critical differentiator in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Newgen BPO solutions ensure a single unified BPM interface for resources irrespective of the back end system to enhance their productivity. The system automatically determines work load at each process stage for a justified work distribution. It also manages their leave requests, task reminders, transportation requisitionsand activity logs to enable a smooth flow of work.

Comprehensive Reporting

Today businesses have complex contractual arrangements with their BPO vendors often based on some pre-defined performance metrics. It is essential for BPO vendors to maintain performance based reports. Newgen solutions for BPO industry has built in reporting capabilities that allow BPOs to maintain highly configurable reports based on key indicators business indicators including cost, revenues, P&L as well as quantitative and qualitative turn around times (TAT) for individuals.

Business Process Outsourcing Benefits

  • Quick Process Rollouts – The solution allows BPOs to achieve faster process automation through a well laid out, customizable operational framework. Newgen’s rich domain expertise and vast industry experience helps them to quickly design and implement multiple organizational processes in no time.
  • Adherence to SLAs – The solution consists of a comprehensive performance measurement platform built on easily configurable metrics. It ensures 100% compliance to service and delivery standards as per the terms and conditions of the contract. It is especially hand for cases with performance linked payout structures.
  • Low Cost of Operations – Automating key elements of the process significantly brings down the operational overheads as it leads to resource and infrastructure optimization. It shortens the process lifecycle considerably by reducing the number of steps involved and speeding up the execution.
  • Real-time Visibility – The solution provides a single unified view of the entire length and breadth of process, allowing BPOs to track and monitor each and every aspect of a process. With this enhanced visibility, organizations are able to streamline the process and remove all bottlenecks adversely affecting the performance.
  • Change Management – The system is extremely agile and flexible, allowing BPOs to quickly adapt to any change required by their clients. It helps them in providing enhanced and incessant customer services by minimizing any time delays between process changes.
  • Simplified Training & Risk Minimization – Simple, easy to understand process flows allow resources to quickly get a grip of the process without the need for exhaustive trainings. Seamless integration with core system ensures a consistent operational environment.

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Newgen solutions enable BPOs to quickly configure and roll out new customer processes by allowing rapid modeling and customization of business processes. It enable quick implementation of transactional customer processes using image-based BPM platform that provides out-of-the-box desktop for coordinated image/ data entry forms. Some core focus areas are:

  • End-to-End automation & centralization of processes
  • Real-time visibility & adherence to regulatory compliance
  • Rapid process deployment and rollout with faster changes to business processes without worrying about their effects on lower levels of implementation
  • Help re-align, consolidate and streamline processes for Captive BPOs
  • SLA management with geography wise calendar support