Contract Management

Automate Contract Lifecycle, Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs

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  • Contract Lifecycle Management

    Fast track contract generation, centralize contracts, manage clause library & templates and get reports on contract performance.

  • Smarter Contract

    Enable smarter execution of internal and external contracts with dynamic templates, visibility and insights into the contracting process.

  • Contract Information Tracking

    Transparent view at each step of the contract process ensures compliance with contractual obligations.

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Newgen Contract Management Solution

Newgen Contract Management solution helps streamline, standardize and automate contract initiation, creation, negotiation, execution through to expiration. It helps reduce contract cycle times by 80% with improved control, standardization and visibility for all the contracts across organization. These developments lead to lower administration costs, improved compliance, increased revenue, lower risk and an overall gain in employee productivity.

Key Features of Contract Management Solution

  • Automate contract process – Design the Contract Management process including contract authoring, review, contract registration, contract renewal, contract termination and request for addendum to the contract.
  • Escalation capability – Import Escalation Matrix from the customer’s active directory automatically through integration and then used to define escalation structure.
  • Reporting and compliance – Create standardized reports using Report Generation Wizard and obtain contract compliance data from Newgen OmniFlow & Newgen OmniCompliance
  • Data Management – Store and manage data centrally with easy data accessibility

Key Benefits of Contract Management Solution

Optimize contract management

Fast track contract generation and reduce risk by implementing enterprise standards and policies that govern their use. Identifies any major gaps – key contracts that may have expired – and major risks.

Gain 360 degree visibility

All contracts are stored centrally ensuring easy accessibility. Comply with your contractual obligations through close tracking of performance and payment obligations. Eliminate revenue leaks, avoid compliance failures and contractual disputes.

Ensure accountability

Creates readily available record of contracting actions, makes it easy to track results from public expenditures and ensures that payment is commensurate with performance.

Analyze your contracts

Discover hidden weaknesses that are undermining the performance of your business, or that will cost you dearly during a crisis.

Reduce documentation dependency

Draft, approval, negotiation and signing of contractual documents made easy through process optimization.

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Growing global demand for services has strained legal and procurement departments as they are being called on to deliver faster contracting, also at the same time being asked to maintain the same level of diligence and control over the process. In many instances, the internal legal departments does not grow at the same pace as the increased demand within the marketplace and the number of contracts being negotiated. Organizations need systems to protect them from the costs and risks of less than optimally managed stacks of agreements.

With Newgen Contract Management Solution, you can achieve benefits such as

  • Analyzing and Organizing Contracts across the organization
  • Contract tracking
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Accountability and Transparency