Employee Grievance Management

Resolve cases faster with streamlined grievance reporting and automated triage

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  • Track and Resolve Grievances

    Capture data from multiple sources; assess, investigate and collaborate on cases with complete visibility of processes

  • Gain Operational Intelligence

    Evaluate grievance trends across organization with contextual information, real time reports and case patterns during decision making

  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance

    Define and track SLA, enforce the code of ethics, adhere to regulatory compliance, and capture audit trails

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Newgen Employee Grievance Management Solution

Grievances are common to workplaces and employees may have different reasons like discrimination, work conditions or wages related. Organizations have various tools to record and track employee grievance incidents through multi channels; file management systems for storing case information and a series of emails and calendars through which case workers work on the case. The disparate information sources creates ambiguity and ineffective management of cases. Newgen Employee Grievance Management Suite automates the grievance management process and provides end to end management of each case.

Newgen Employee Grievance Management solution is designed to enable organizations to track and resolve employee grievances effectively. The solution provides a single unified Case Management based solution that aids in the recording, tracking and investigation of incidents throughout the company. It supports various areas such as investigations, arbitrations, grievances, litigation, appeals and ethics. By leveraging Newgen’s case management platform and powerful content management capabilities, organizations can efficiently handle unpredictable and complex grievance cases with transparency and controls. Case workers are provided with contextual content and smart analytics to help make better decisions.

Key Features of Employee Grievance Management Solution

  • Pre-configured solution accelerator built on Case Management Framework
  • Underlying core rule engine based on organization policies and procedures
  • Seamless intake of grievances from multiple sources like forms, anonymous mails, call center etc.
  • Schedule Interviews, appointments and capture meeting minutes
  • Rule based triage of Employee Grievances
  • Review Employee History and case pattern analytics for better decision making
  • Mobility support

Key Benefits of Employee Grievance Management Solution

Manage interactions and collaborate between people, content and data seamlessly

Organizations provide various means by which an employee can register a grievance via an anonymous mail, call centre, web portals and other sources. Newgen Employee Grievance management enables multi-channel intake of grievances. Grievance assessment needs multiple parties to be investigated and these interviews needs to be documented. Newgen’s solution collaborates information from such disparate sources and creates a single unified case file which is then available to all stakeholders.

Empower your employees to make better decisions

The Newgen Employee Grievance management solution enables rules based triage of grievances. The underlying core rule engine is based on organization policies and procedures. It aids in the decision making process by providing real time reports, case pattern reports by identifying trends for related cases, grievant or violation personnel .

Gain operational intelligence with 360 degree visibility

Grievance redressal needs to be a fair and transparent process. Newgen Employee Grievance management solution ensures visibility and transparency across workflow and provides tracking capabilities which ensures adherence to Service Level Agreements and regulatory compliances.

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In fiscal year 2014, 88778 charge filings of discrimination at workplace were received by US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The reasons attributed to discrimination included race, sex, disability, age, national origin, region, color and unequal pay. The employees are influential in the organization’s success and growth and the most important organization assets. To retain the people resources, organization needs to look after their interests and ensure their grievances are addressed at the right time and resolved efficiently.

With Newgen Employee Grievance Management Solution you can achieve following benefits:

  • Grievance reporting and triage
  • Investigate and track cases
  • Fast track high priority cases
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance and SLAs
  • Intelligent decision making by tracking case patterns
  • Resolve cases faster
  • Collaborate and archive data from multiple sources