Implement an On-Screen Marking solution for your educational institute

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  • Digitized Assessments

    Comprehensively evaluate physical examination answer scripts by automating their marking and scoring.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

    Enable an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process by ensuring authentication based assessments, comments, annotations and reviews.

  • Optimized Processing

    Effectively bring down the cost of assessments with the help of automation and also bring down costs associate with physical management of documents.

Case Study: Digitization of Documents using Newgen DMS solution for a leading Government research organization

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Newgen On-Screen Marking System

Newgen offers a scalable and robust Document Management based On-Screen Marking solution, to help educational institutions increase efficiency and reduce costs around assessing physical examination documents. The Solution effectively automates and streamlines handling of physical documents; enabling educational institutions to transform their traditional paper based examination evaluation systems

Newgen On-Screen Marking System offers numerous benefits for Education Boards and Universities

  • Real-time monitoring of marking process
  • Rich and intuitive interface for examiners to replicate actual marking
  • Elimination of errors related to incorrect tabulation and recording of marks
  • Secure storage and management of scanned answer scripts
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Improved quality and consistency of evaluation

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The process of conducting and evaluating paper-based exams is very complex and challenging. As the number of candidates appearing for these examinations is constantly on the rise, there is a large volume of paper scripts to be managed, requiring extensive logistics for their distribution to the evaluation centres, spread across geographies.

On-Screen Marking (OSM) system provides an extensive platform for evaluating pen and paper based summative examinations on computer screens. On-Screen Marking system completely automates the marking and scoring of summative/descriptive answer scripts into an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process. Some key features are:

  • Answer Script Digitization
  • Administrator and Senior Examiners can configure complete examination related activities through this module
  • Senior Examiner prepares a practice kit for training of examiners using actual sample of examination scripts
  • Live Marking i.e. Electronic allocation of answer scripts to certified examiners for marking using OSM software on computer screens within the stipulated time
  • Results can be compiled in batches or selectively as per the needs of the user
  • RTI Compliance & Available on Cloud