Newgen Solutions for Public Sector

Case Study: North Carolina Department of Public Safety Implements Newgen Solution

Learn how NCDPS Implemented Newgen Enterprise Content Management for Inmate Records

The Department of Combined Records at North Carolina Department of Public Safety was overwhelmed with paper files of around 40,000 inmates.

The Department implemented Newgen EDMS Solution to enable a centralized scan, index, store and document retrieval capabilities for all 40000 inmates.

Key Benefits Achieved by the Customer:

  • Information Security – Electronic storage reinforced security of documents and safeguarded them against fire, flood and other natural disasters
  • Faster Retrieval of Documents – Reduced the turnaround time required for accessing parole requests and other inmate records
  • Cost Reduction – Paper handling costs decreased manifold removing a huge financial strain
  • File Integrity – Eliminated instances of lost files, Misfiles and Out of files
  • Operational Efficiency – User-friendly interface that required minimal training and increased employee efficiency by automating manual processes
  • Save Employees Time – This solution requires little training and employees easily adapt to the new system. It saved employees from performing manual processes