Government to Citizen Services

Deliver responsive and citizen centric services while ensuring compliance

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  • Round-the-clock Services

    End-to-end automation of processes and multi-channel integration results in anytime-anywhere delivery of services

  • Better Compliance

    Retain control over critical documents as per the policies related to authorization, protection, and archival of documents

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate with existing systems to easily exchange information across government agencies and enhance overall responsiveness

White Paper: Enabling Transparent & Efficient Delivery of Citizen Services

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Government agencies around the globe are working towards digital and citizen centric governance. With an increasing tech savvy population opting for mobile and digital channels for their day-to-day transactions, it presents a strong case for governments to rethink their service delivery models.

Newgen Citizen Services solution allows end-to-end automation of citizen-centric services such as e-filing, certificate issuance, company registration, tax administration and others. It offers a unified e-Governance platform with Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities to enable efficient service delivery. The solution helps serve citizens by giving them round-the-clock access to government programs, information and services.

The solution also ensures that government retains strategic control over the critical documents and complies with legislation and policies related to authorization, protection, and archival of documents. It empowers governments to become citizen centric by offering services to citizens where place, time or medium no longer matters.


Solution Benefits

Efficient and timely delivery of services

Facilitate interoperability across departments with seamless information exchange, ensuring privacy and data integrity, further, leading to timely delivery of services

Enhanced productivity

Reduce manual hand-offs with automated processes and digitally process documents. Leverage extensive tracking capabilities to gain comprehensive view across processes and ensure substantial improvement in productivity

Higher citizen satisfaction

Allow easy and anytime – anywhere access to information, government services and programs across multiple channels

Consolidated IT infrastructure

Eliminate information silos across departments/agencies with a unified platform, resulting in enhanced collaboration and shortened service delivery cycle

Better Compliance

Maintain extensive audit trails and ensure compliance with myriad of regulations and policies for long term archival of content

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Governments world over are realizing the need to transform delivery of citizen services to address the ever evolving expectations or needs of the community. The sector has lagged behind other industries such as BFSI, hospitality, airlines, etc., in adopting modern technologies to improve service delivery and enhance consumers’ service experience. Even today, delivery of some of the most basic government services is largely labor-intensive, paper-driven, costly, and time-consuming.

Leveraging the power of BPM, ECM, and Case Management technologies, Newgen enables government organizations to consolidate their IT infrastructure across departments, ensure efficient and effective delivery of citizen services in the face of limited resources, and demonstrate increased accountability, transparency, and oversight.

  • Achieve operational agility using BPM
  • A Deliver responsive customer services through a robust ECM platform
  • Bring context awareness and flexibility through Case Management