Electronic Document & Record Management System (EDRMS)

Modernize and centralize document centric processes

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  • End-to-End Records Management

    Manage physical and electronic records from their creation to disposition while retaining integrity and authenticity of records

  • Deliver Contextual Content across Multiple Channels

    Deliver contextual content, specific to the need of the end user across different mediums, including mobile, cloud and emails

  • Enforce Certified Records Management

    Ensure compliance with VERS and ISO 15489 standards and be DoD 5015.2 certified

Brochure: Electronic Documents and Records Management Solution for State and Local Governments

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Government institutes have information records dated back decades, hence, records management is an important initiative undertaken by any government institute. Also, in today’s digital world where global mobile data traffic is increasing multifold, managing electronic records stemming from social media platforms, emails, etc is equally important.

Newgen Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) manages content lifecycle from its creation to disposition. It is an integrated platform which allows users to capture, process and view content, ranging from physical documents, emails to social content. The system with capabilities for multi-channel content capture, compliant physical and social records management, secured archival, version management and faster retrieval becomes an one stop solution for effective service delivery and public accountability.

The solution is designed to deliver content in context. It helps agencies tailor the access and delivery of content as per the needs of a case or citizen demands across different mediums including social channels, mobile etc. Also, agencies can integrate Newgen EDRMS with business systems including Public Assistance, Child Welfare and Adult Protective Services, Child Support Enforcement and Vehicle Services to empower personnel to effectively meet citizen demands.

Solution Benefits

Increased efficiency

Online – centralized repository allows for faster and anytime-anywhere information access. Comprehensive search features on file plan and records based on general content properties date, range and metadata fields helps in faster information retrival.

Secured record archival and management

Securely manage and archive records with features like rights-based access which prevents unauthorized access to the repository and encrypted storage, ensuring information security.

Enhanced citizen service delivery and interactions

Enable easy access to vital information and to online Citizen Self-Service portals. Leverage the integrated Social Media engine to capture, monitor and archive social content and interactions with citizens and deliver uniform services across departments and agencies.

Better compliance

Ensure DOD5015.02 Record Management compliance, allow increased transparency in records management, capture extensive audit trails and enforce policy based security.

Remove information silos

Leverage Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that consolidates IT infrastructure, reduces redundant legacy infrastructure, allows for inter-operability of systems and agencies through expansive integration frameworks.

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Public Sector agencies are constantly exploring ways that will help them modernize their operations and respond to constituent requests with greater efficiency.

Newgen with its proven content management and workflow based solutions is helping agencies to mitigate operational challenges and ensure sustainable growth. Government agencies across the globe have leveraged Newgen EDRMS to:

  • Foster tighter information governance
  • Enhance departmental collaboration
  • Improve public access to vital information
  • Capture process and view content on an integrated platform to make more informed decisions.