Government Case Management

Make your processes adaptive and responsive to citizen service demands

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  • Enhanced Collaboration

    Allow government officials to collaborate and work on a scenario to achieve optimized outcome by deciding on the ‘next best action’

  • Dynamic Task Routing

    Assess emerging scenarios, quickly adapt your process in accordance and deploy them in run time for greater citizen satisfaction

  • Intelligent Decision Making

    Deploy the best possible solution by tapping into the tacit knowledge of individual case workers and leveraging analytics

Brochure: Newgen Case Management Framework for State and Local Government Agencies

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Government agencies face the daunting task of managing a large number of unstructured or semi-structured processes such as awarding grants, resolving complaints, investigating frauds, resolving disputes etc. These processes, inherently are content-intensive, dynamic and collaborative in nature.

Newgen Case Management Solution enables Government agencies to create dynamic collaboration across stakeholders and seamlessly exchange information for faster resolutions of unanticipated and unstructured scenarios. It facilitates smarter decision making by tapping into the tacit knowledge of individuals to arrive at optimized solutions to the evolving citizen needs.

The solution offers easy drag and drop modeling to design process flows and assign roles for every new case. With in-flight process change capability and advanced analytics, individuals while working on a particular case can decide ‘the next best action’ rather than following the predefined orchestration.

Solution Benefits

Faster case resolution

Enhanced collaboration and seamless exchange of information across internal and external parties results in improved productivity and reduced case cycle time.

Comprehensive Investigations

Unified case file interface reduces silos and allows for easy access to data, documents and reports for each case, its sub-case, tasks and their relationship, allowing for extensive investigations.

Improved on-demand citizen services

Build tailored and out-of-the box solutions to address dynamic citizen requests. Enhance citizens service experience by allowing them to access all the vital information and services through online portals and other mobile devices.

Smarter decision making

Dynamic flows with ad-hoc case routing, access to contextual information during the decision process and powerful analytics to provide key information and trends enable knowledge workers to make more informed decisions.

Better Compliance

Enable automated reporting to various agencies, capture extensive audit trails and logs, and maintain federal reporting compliance through enforced data collection rules.

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Today, organizations face the challenge of addressing increased expectations from citizens, businesses, elected officials, and employees. There is a pressing need to effectively manage emergent scenarios and provide faster and efficient services but in the current state, organizations are saddled with legacy information systems and fail to get an enterprise-wide view of operations.

The Case Management solution with its dynamic capabilities enhances the citizen experience, and addresses the ever-changing requirements that regulators, auditors, and litigants place on organizations.

Newgen’s Case Management Suite encompasses the following key areas:

  • Investigative Case Management– Audit requests, Regulatory queries etc.
  • Service Request Management– Customer Request Management, Claims, Grants Management, etc.
  • Incident Management: Complaint Management, Dispute Resolution, etc.