Judicial and Public Safety Services

Design and deploy robust and citizen centric judicial and public safety services

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  • Enhanced Collaboration

    Coordinate amongst stakeholder groups by improving access and sharing of relevant case data.

  • Improved Compliance

    Achieve adherence to regulations and compliances even in unpredictable circumstances.

  • Better Incident Management

    Deploy the appropriate people and processes tailored to deliver a unified response to an incident.

Brochure: Electronic Documents and Records Management Solution for State and Local Governments

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The Newgen Solution for Public Safety Departments is built on its BPM based Case Management Framework allowing Judicial & Public Safety Agencies to operate and manage highly unprecedented scenarios or service unanticipated constituent demands. The solution offers smart accelerators which ensure that Government agencies are able to comply with specific federal regulations and also keep a check on budget and resource constraints.

The Newgen Solution for Public Safety Departments supports an array of horizontal applications for handling critical functions across various public safety departments:

  • Incident Management

    • Battle readiness for managing different forms of incidents
    • Lifecycle management of each incident through a case based approach
    • Smart collaboration and information exchange for faster decisions
  • Audit and Inspection

    • Rules based case & task creation around specific data points
    • Dynamic workflow for faster reviews and action on outcomes
    • In-flight process transformation based on evolving SLAs or regulations
  • Legal Case Management

    • End-to-end tracking of cases with complete lifecycle management
    • Dynamic handling of cases, assignment, reassignment and completion
    • Drill-down visibility for better effort estimation and work load balancing
  • Prison Services

    • Management of complex information associated with inmates
    • Streamlining operational processes, from intake, rehabilitation through release

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Newgen enables Government agencies to move services to the cloud and leverage the power of Social and Mobile computing to create novel ways to service citizens with accelerators such as:

  • Electronic Document and Records Management Solution (EDRMS)
  • Case Management Solution
  • Health and Human Services
  • Public Safety
  • Administrative Services
  • E-Gov Office