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Transform the Medicare enrollment lifecycle on mobile

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  • Increase Enrollment

    Real time processing of applications enables faster onboarding with fewer errors and exceptions.

  • Enhance Customer

    Quick turnaround time and transparent communication increases member satisfaction.

  • Reduce Operational

    End-to-end process automation minimizes manual intervention and lowers operational costs.

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Mobile Medicare Enrollment Solution Workflow HealthcareMedicare Enrollment is a critical stage of the Member Servicing Cycle for Health Plans. However, the long processing times, frequent operational errors and irregularities inherent to this document intensive process can create a frustrating, costly and time consuming experience for both the payer and the enrollee. Newgen’s enterprise mobile application – ZapIn automates the Medicare Enrollment intake step for Health Plans via real time capture and processing of applications.

If your organization is seeking an efficient and cost-effective alternative to paper based Medicare Enrollment then ZapIn is for you.

Transforming the Medicare Enrollment Workflow

Mobile Medicare Enrollment Workflow Solution

Mobile Medicare Enrollment Workflow Solution

Solution Features

With ZapIn, we aim to deliver an integrated mobility based enrollment solution that harnesses Newgen’s expertise in advanced imaging and automated data extraction. ZapIn provides the perfect blend of people, process and technology for Health Plans to efficiently manage the Medicare Enrollment process – from enrollment to reconciliation and servicing. Its app based framework engenders operational efficiency and brings down the on-boarding cycle time.

With ZapIn, Health Plans can optimize the following processes on a mobile interface:

Newgen Mobile Medicare Enrollment Software Solution Healthcare BPM ECM CCM
  • Prospecting - ZapIn mobilizes all stages of the sales lifecycle including lead management, member need analysis, application logging and tracking, and member services
  • Document Management - The solution enables ‘on the go’ capture of member information including e-signatures by leveraging dynamic mobile forms. Captured data is transferred to a secure central repository for real-time processing or archiving
  • Data Validation - Instant rule-based field validation helps sales representatives gain more accurate enrollment information and eliminate time lost to follow-ups
  • Discrepancies Management - Instant notification in case of a discrepancy leads to reduced enrollment cycle times
  • Member Communication - Members are made aware of the progress of their applications with instant mobile updates from field agents, creating better transparency

Business Benefits

Process Excellence through Improved Information Management

Operational Excellence through Better Information Management

Mobile Medicare Enrollment ensures ‘First Time Right’ capture and transfer of member data and documents to the back office for eligibility checks. This results in massive reduction of human errors since all field transactions are immediately available for upstream validation activities. Sales representatives can instead focus on educating and enrolling more members.

Empowers the Sales Force for Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Field Force Productivity

Sales representatives are often the first point of contact with members and can greatly impact member perceptions. ZapIn helps them to educate prospects with real-time product comparisons and market insights. Using ZapIn, sales representatives capture member information on the move and push it directly to the Health Plan eligibility check system. It also facilitates agile communications between sales representatives and central operations to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of product related information.

Dynamic New Sales Channels for Health Plans

Dynamic New Sales Channels for Healthcare Payers

ZapIn offers a reliable and flexible solution to initiate Medicare Enrollment ‘on the fly’. Equipped with smart phones/tablets, sales representatives can travel to remote locations to drive business. Physical presence through offices no longer defines the market and allows expansion into new service and product lines.

Reduced Operational Costs through Greater Automation

Reduced Costs through Greater Automation

ZapIn minimizes manual intervention in the enrollment process by digitizing it end-to-end. This results in significant reductions to operational costs associated with manually managing member records and product information. Costs associated with printing and shipping applications forms, scanning for digitizing and even printing of marketing materials can be eliminated.

Best of Industry Customer Experience with Accurate Communications

Industry Best Customer Experience with Accurate Communications

Sales representatives have quick access to specific account/application level information and can easily advise members of any incomplete items or additional requirements without overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

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Medicare enrollment is a critical stage of the Member Servicing Cycle of Health Plans. A seamless enrollment process can enhance customer loyalty and brand value. However, the current Medicare enrollment process at most Health Plans is usually paper intensive and manual. Long processing times, operational errors and irregularities can create a frustrating, costly and time consuming experience for both the payer and the enrollee.
ZapIn, Newgen’s enterprise mobile application which facilitates Mobile Medicare Enrollment via real time capture and processing of applications. By eliminating paper based transactions it provides Health Plans the ability to track every step of the process, minimizes the time required to enroll new members, reduces errors and saves money spent on the operational costs associated with managing paper. Some benefits includes:

  • Reduction in Application error rate & member on-boarding throughput time
  • Improved SLA adherence with 75% increase in complaint tracking & Compliance Adherence
  • Ensure ‘First Time Right’ capture and transfer of member data and documents to the back office.