E-Statements for Insurance Industry

Adopt a smarter way to communicate with your customers and maximize the outcome of each time you connect with them.

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The Newgen Advantage for e-Statements

  • Use Transpromos for Better Up-Selling & Cross Selling

    Transpromos for Better Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

    Transform transaction documents into marketing opportunities with personalized promotional messages.

  • Engage Customers with Superior Experience

    Drive Superior Customer Engagement

    Engage your customer with customized communication across multiple platforms such as email, web and mobile.

  • Consistent Compliance

    Ensure 100% regulatory compliance

    Eliminate risks associated with missing regulatory notes/disclaimers, calculation and other possible human errors.

Flyer: Newgen CCM Solution Enables Insurance Companies to Deliver Personalized e-Statements

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Newgen e-Statements Solution

New e-Statements Solution

Newgen solution for e-statements helps insurance organizations in targeting the right offer to the right customer, at the right time. Based on parameters including customer profile and transaction history, it allows insurers to create, and deliver highly personalized account statements electronically. It allows quick configuration of relevant marketing messages based on pre-defined rules, thereby contextualizing the content that reaches individual customers. This enhances customer satisfaction as it offers them the recommendation of the ‘Next Best Action’.

Solution Highlights

  • Component based templates that can be tailored as per the client’s need
  • Drag and drop functionality for designing custom reports
  • Rules-based approvals for each component, for necessary validations and auditing
  • Automatic fetching of dynamic data-fields within each component
  • Component level disclaimers and filters
  • Tracking of delivery status of e-statements and initiation of corrective action in case of bounced communication
  • Support for batch as well as on demand delivery of e-statements

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Customer-facing applications and processes are increasingly becoming the major focus of IT investments in the Insurance Sector. A strong Customer Communication strategy aligned with the right application is the perfect way of delivering better customer experiences. Smarter and targeted communications over customers’ preferred distributed channels impact the entire Insurance Product Lifecycle, from form design, generation to distribution.

Newgen Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a powerful and adaptive enterprise communication platform, empowering business users to create, format, manage and present the right communication to the right customers over their preferred communication channels. One Stop solution framework that manages end-to-end communication over the entire spectrum- structured, interactive or on-demand in the most efficient and cost effective manner.