Finance & Accounting

Streamline financial transactions and improve cash flow management

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  • Improve Vendor Negotiations

    Efficient payment cycles enable you to negotiate better rates with vendors and enhance profit margins.

  • Reduce Frauds

    Eliminate duplication and ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory needs to mitigate risk.

  • Optimize Resources

    Tight integration with your ERP allows your staff to work on a single unified system for greater productivity.

Case Study: How Ranbaxy achieved 8.5x returns through Accounts Payable Process Transformation

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Optimize your Cash Flows with
Newgen Solutions for Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting processes such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are critical for optimizing the working capital of an enterprise. If managed well, these processes can free cash from balance sheets and put the working capital to a more productive use.

Newgen provides advanced solutions that bring agility into these labor intensive processes, increase cash flow visibility, improve the relationship between buyer and supplier organizations and enable working capital optimization. We also enable end-to-end automation of various other finance and accounting processes such as Invoice Processing, Purchase Order Requisition, General Ledger Reporting among others.

Our suite of finance and accounting solutions tightly integrates with your ERP system to deliver efficiency in your document centric processes. It eliminates time-consuming and manual tasks around data entries, manual reconciliations and complex approval cycles. A built-in workflow gives you complete control and visibility across processes, while shortening the cycle times. It streamlines processes that lets you optimize cash, take advantage of early payment discounts and never face late payment penalties again.

Newgen Solutions for Finance and Accounting

Accounts Payable

Accounts PayableNewgen Accounts Payable solution delivers an integrated payments framework that automates key processes involved, reducing the cycle time and increasing compliance adherence.

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Accounts Receivable

Accounts ReceivableNewgen Accounts Receivable solution allows smart reconciliations and shorter billing cycles by automating the complete order to cash lifecycle.

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Purchase Order and Requisition

Purchase Order and RequisitionNewgen solution for Purchase Order and Requisitions centralizes this critical business function that lead to improved compliance and smart exceptions management.

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SOX Compliance (Sarbanes and Oaxely Act Automation)

SOX ComplianceNewgen solution for SOX compliance delivers accurate, consistent and reliable business information for robust compliance adherence.

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Freight Billing

Freight BillingNewgen Freight Billing solution streamlines the payment process to ensure accuracy and consistency through automated data entries, reconciliations and reporting systems.

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Invoice Processing

Invoice ProcessingNewgen Invoice Processing System (IPS) is based on our smart imaging and workflow management systems for automating invoice processing for Accounts Payable (AP).

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Newgen’s experience with numerous global customers has revealed that achieving functionality and centralization is not sufficient to harness the true potential of an SSC. We find that SSC leaders continue to face significant roadblocks in achieving their value creation goal, and are urgently seeking technology solutions to support their vision

Newgen’s collaborative philosophy and powerful SSC solution has helped companies such as Ranbaxy, Astra Zeneca, Unilever and Coca Cola save millions of dollars and attain following business benefits:

  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Significant Reduction in cycle times
  • Improvement in FTE productivity
  • Reduction in cost per invoice