Human Resources

Newgen helps organizations drive efficiencies across the employee lifecycle by bridging the people, process and content divide.

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The Newgen Advantage

  • Mitigate Risk of Fraudulent Claims

    Improve Visibility

    Get end-to-end visibility into daily HR operations, priorities and task completion progress to ensure transparency and fair practices.

  • Smart Extraction

    Enhance Accessibility

    Provide immediate and multiple access to documents for both the HR staff and employees that leads to faster transactions.

  • Store and Access

    Ensure Confidentiality

    Provide secure storage of critical information with role based access to maintain the integrity of critical organizational information.

Case Study: Streamlining Employee Claims Processing for a leading IT Organization

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Newgen Solutions for Human Resources Automation

Human Resources (HR) function has transformed to a more strategic role moving beyond the basics of managing people. The HR department is increasingly facing the pressure of providing high quality service at optimum cost. The document intensive processes associated with contracts, appraisals, health & safety, induction and pensions among others need to be managed centrally to improve productivity.

Newgen offers solutions that can automate all HR processes including those which are repetitive, paper-based and manual tasks that slow down productivity. They enable HR departments to better manage employee files by providing a secure and instant access to information from a centralized location, increasing security and compliance initiatives. Authorized personnel interact with documents and data directly to bring efficiency and agility in the process.

Newgen Solutions for Human Resources

Employee Reimbursements

Ensures employee reimbursements happen correctly and in time after going through multi-level checks and validations.

Travel and Expense

Manages and executes all work related travel requests and employee expense sheets according to the company rules and policies.

Cash Advance Requests

Creates a systematic process flow for approval and rejection cycles pertaining to the cash advance requests from employees.

Payroll Additions/Deductions

Manages all types of payroll additions and deductions including before tax, after tax and tax adjustments.

Leave Management

Automated system for tracking and managing employee absence, leave, paid time-off and attendance.

New Hire On-boarding

Ensures smooth on-boarding for new hires, managing all correspondence, confidentiality agreements and other associated documents centrally.

Personnel Appraisals/Reviews

Helps implement policy governed appraisal process to ensure consistency and transparency in the process.


Deploys comprehensive off-boarding process in compliance with company policies and industry regulations.

Key Solution Features

  • Single point access to all employees for all HR related needs
  • Workflow to route requests to respective managers for quick decision making
  • Instant approvals through mail or mobile
  • Integration with multiple disparate systems to provide a single user-friendly interface
  • Standardized and localized processes to meet needs of different geographies
  • BAM to effectively monitor employee requests and monitor TAT
  • Access to employee records from anywhere using built-in Document Management System (DMS)
  • Checklists and exceptions to ensure process compliance
  • Centralized audit facility
  • Audit trails to record all actions taken

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Newgen’s experience with numerous global customers has revealed that achieving functionality and centralization is not sufficient to harness the true potential of an SSC. We find that SSC leaders continue to face significant roadblocks in achieving their value creation goal, and are urgently seeking technology solutions to support their vision

Newgen’s collaborative philosophy and powerful SSC solution has helped companies such as Ranbaxy, Astra Zeneca, Unilever and Coca Cola save millions of dollars and attain following business benefits:

  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Significant Reduction in cycle times
  • Improvement in FTE productivity
  • Reduction in cost per invoice