Supply Chain Management

Newgen solutions for Supply Chain automation aligns supplier management practices with corporate policies and accounting processes to create a highly efficient operational framework.

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The Newgen Advantage

  • Engage Your Customers Better

    Manage Supplier Networks

    Take control of supplier information and moderate risk with a smooth and error-free vendor on-boarding.

  • Increase Agility and Responsiveness

    Reduce Cycle Times

    Standardize transactions with centralized information management that gives a single-click access to purchase information directly from core financial systems.

  • Mitigate Risk of Fraudulent Claims

    Simplify Financial Audits

    Purchase orders, proofs of delivery and other related correspondence are instantly available for audits, leading to faster reconciliations and reduced frauds.

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Streamlining Supply Chain Operations with Newgen

Supply chain professionals are faced with the dual goals of sustainability and efficiency. Automated processes allow them to align repeatable business processes with these objectives by executing tasks with exacting precision and speed. Newgen solutions for supply chain management provides a clear picture of purchasing processes with instant access to supporting documentation through seamless integration with your ERP. It allows you to attain faster transactions with your suppliers, thereby helping you with the negotiations to draw better discounts. Newgen has helped leading global companies implement efficient, successful and greener processes by bringing automation to the heart of their supply chain operations.

Newgen Solutions for Supply Chain Automation

Purchase Order Request

Seamlessly connects finance and purchasing departments that automates, expedites and tracks the requisitioning process.

Negotiations and Purchase Collaboration

Manages negotiations and re-negotiations with suppliers through real-time stakeholder collaboration and robust document versioning.

Contracting Process Automation

Manages the creation and management of supplier contracts following approved and standardized process guidelines.

Vendor Catalogues

Comprehensive, user-friendly vendor catalogue manages up-to-date supplier information and allows you to segment suppliers strategically.

Bidding and RFP Process Automation

Strong Request for Bid (RFP) capabilities that include bid roll-out, bid award and bid tracking allows smart acquisition of goods and services.

Quotation Management

Manages vendor quotations dynamically to allow quick and informed decisions during the sourcing of goods and services.

Vendor/Supplier Portal

Provides a centralized, self-service environment wherein registered suppliers can log new invoices, track remittances and interact with your business seamlessly.

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Newgen’s experience with numerous global customers has revealed that achieving functionality and centralization is not sufficient to harness the true potential of an SSC. We find that SSC leaders continue to face significant roadblocks in achieving their value creation goal, and are urgently seeking technology solutions to support their vision

Newgen’s collaborative philosophy and powerful SSC solution has helped companies such as Ranbaxy, Astra Zeneca, Unilever and Coca Cola save millions of dollars and attain following business benefits:

  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Significant Reduction in cycle times
  • Improvement in FTE productivity
  • Reduction in cost per invoice