Newgen iBPS Robotic Process Automation

Digitizing manual work and mimicking human actions

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  • End-to-End Process Automation

    Leverage RPA capability to automate activities in the context of the process to achieve continuous process improvement

  • Higher Operational Efficiency

    Ensure higher accuracy, reduced errors and better throughput with 24*7 business operations

  • Empowered Knowledge Workers

    Allow employees to focus on customers and perform more constructive tasks by automating repetitive, mundane tasks

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Newgen iBPS RPA suite is a core component of OmniFlow iBPS. The suite comprises of Process Simulator, Robotic Agents, Robotic Control Center and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) that enable businesses to identify, automate, test, and measure activities across processes. Leverage cognitive capability of bots, achieved via machine learning and artificial intelligence to mimic human actions and deliver sound judgment across processes without manual intervention.

Businesses can leverage OmniFlow iBPS platform, offering RPA capability, to drive continuous process improvement and catalyze their digital journey. Gain end-to-end visibility across processes, including human activities, bot statistics, exceptions, queue monitoring, and process & queue level alerts, etc. Release business users from performing repetitive tasks and enable them to perform more constructive tasks. Streamline the overall process and witness improved business performance in a cost-efficient manner.

Key Features

BPM enabled RPA – Transform end-to-end processes, along with workflow management and case management capabilities

Process Simulator – Measure and identify process bottlenecks. Get quantitative, time-based and cost-related information consumed during process execution

Executable scripting – Convert human actions into executable script and attach to the robot work-step to drive enhanced business profitability

Business activity monitoring – Generate a detailed log of robotic actions using dashboard in real-time and receive system generated alerts and notifications

Robotic Control Center – Deploy and manage all robots working across the processes from a central location

Exception management – Leverage BPM based RPA to handle exceptions, arising from an unusual situation and ensure overall process does not get impacted

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Newgen OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite (OmniFlow iBPS) is a BPM platform of choice for organizations looking to transform their operations through customer centric process innovations. You can now leverage the best of traditional BPMS offerings from Newgen in combination with cutting-edge, emerging technologies in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and Internet of Things (IoT) to attain speed in business.

  • Leverage Business Moments – Empower resources with contextual insights and operational flexibility
  • Become Customer Centric – Create 360 degree view of customers’ information to deliver the seamless experience
  • Drive Change – Preempt market dynamics and bring transformational agility in operations
  • Smart Process Execution – The OmniFlow iBPS workflow engine lies at the core of the platform and orchestrates all structured and ad-hoc processes
  • Monitoring and Analytics – OmniFlow iBPS expands the scope of process analytics by encompassing active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)