OmniOMS Customer Communication Management Suite

Streamline communications to grow your share of customers’ wallet

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  • Customer Acquisition

    Make your communications timely, relevant and accurate, leading to a greater market share

  • Customer Retention

    Nurture relationships over customers’ preferred channels to be rewarded with a bigger mindshare

  • Cross-sell/ Upsell

    Cross-sell/ upsell with targeted offers, promotions and loyalty programs to grow your share-of-wallet

Newgen offers a comprehensive Customer Communication Management suite for organizations to streamline their digital communication strategy and to grow market share, mind share and share of customers’ wallet. It enables organizations to acquire more customers, retain them and cross-sell/ upsell across touch points such as E-mail, SMS, web, and print.

Newgen’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) suite can be used for creation and multi-channel delivery of high-volume operations documents, one-to-one communication, and on-demand communications. It allows businesses to provide rich content, ensure brand consistency and keep customers happily engaged across multiple engagement channels.

Businesses can leverage a broad range of predefined templates and create contextually accurate correspondences such as notices, contracts, demand letters, statements, and connect with the targeted audience in a user-friendly manner.

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  • Brochure: Newgen CCM (OmniOMS)

    • Know what leads to great customer experience
    • Learn how businesses can streamline their digital communications strategy
    • Know about business benefits of CCM

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  • Brochure: CCM For Banking

    • Increase your share of customers’ wallet
    • Consolidate information from multiple systems into a single customer statement
    • Generate ad-hoc communications from the web, mobile, etc.

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  • Brochure: CCM For Insurance

    • Automate millions of complex correspondence on a daily basis
    • Reach out to customers with targeted offers & promotions
    • Minimize printing and mailing costs for customer-facing communications

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Features of Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite

Designing and Authoring – Design effective and personalized communications across platforms with an easy-to-use, drag & drop Composition Designer with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) feature. Drive general/marketing content, supported by galleries for templates, fonts & styles, and datasets

Targeted Offer Module – Configure campaigns and send relevant, targeted communications based on customers’ profile. Add/modify promotional content from a simple user-friendly web-interface

Template Management – Leverage in-built templates to generate correspondences such as notice, contracts, demand letters, statements, etc. Import existing templates in word or PDF format and reuse them from comprehensive library or font style gallery

Interactive Editor & On-Demand Document Generation – Select template on web-based editor to edit permitted content on a pre-filled document; generate output directly from website, mobile or business applications

Multi-channel Distribution, Archival and Tracking – Disperse output generated in different formats across multiple channels such as email, social, media, web, SMS, mobile, print, and fax. Archive, compress and retrieve every communication and track delivery status in real-time

Secure Communication and Diverse Integration – Secure communications with digital signatures. Offer support for password protected PDFs with configurable password policy & strong integration capabilities with business applications, core systems, portals and content management systems

Whitepaper: The COO’s Key to Digital Share of Wallet

  • Know the Digital Goal
  • Four ways to increase share of wallet
  • Know about the critical measures of a COO’s performance

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Benefits of Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite

The benefits of Newgen OmniOMS are far and wide, depending on the output distribution needs of an organization.

Higher Operational Efficiency – Simplify, automate end-to-end business processes and maximize operational efficiency by reducing the dependency on IT. Cut-down on paper and postage costs and decrease call-center volume of on-demand generation by a significant margin

Delighted Customers – Deliver personalized and interactive communications to draw more customers, establish brand trust, boost conversion rates and influence their future experiences with your organization

Better Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Opportunities – Gain maximum traction from every customer interaction. Leverage pre-defined business rules to roll-out out communications based on the customer’s likes, interests, preferences, buying and spending patterns

Enhanced Customer Service/Retention – Enable customers to generate communications as and when they need it. Drive contextual interactions – with the right person, at the right time, for the right reason. Reach out to existing customers over their preferred engagement channels such as online, mobile, social, web, etc.

Minimized Risk – Abide to changing regulatory notices and maintain a coherent brand identity

Customer Communication Management (CCM) for Industries

Backed by 25 years of enriched industry expertise, we provide future-ready Customer Communication Management solution that seamlessly adapts to the rapidly changing market dynamics.

Banking: Deliver highly personalized and regulatory compliant communications across multiple channels, whilst improving customer experience in the long run. Know More

Insurance: Roll out smarter and targeted communications to the right audience at the right time. Deliver customized, regulatory compliant communications on-demand across multiple channels via unified communication platform. Know More