Newgen OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite

Drive customer centricity through continuous process innovation

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Newgen OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite (OmniFlow iBPS) is a platform for business stakeholders to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. OmniFlow iBPS allows you to manage complete range of business processes, leveraging its advanced tools for content integration, process orchestration, predictive and on demand analytics, enterprise mobility and social collaboration.

The Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) capabilities of OmniFlow iBPS allows enterprises to re-engineer their business processes, and drive agility in their businesses. The case management framework built on OmniFlow iBPS empowers knowledge workers to efficiently manage dynamic and unanticipated tasks.

  • Accelerated revenue growth

    Design digitalized and agile processes to enhance transaction volumes, reduce operational costs and improve profitability

  • Enhanced customer experience

    Get 360 degree view of all the customer information to deliver best-in-class experience

  • Improved business agility

    Drive transformational change in your organization and adapt to the changing business environment

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OmniFlow iBPS Framework


Core Capabilities of Newgen OmniFlow iBPS

Process Modeling

OmniFlow iBPS Software Capabilities - Collaborative Process ModelingEnable real-time collaboration between business and IT users to design intelligent business processes. Allow testing of process models prior to their deployment using historical data and what-if analysis.

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Process Execution

OmniFlow iBPS -Solution Capabilities - Smart Process ExecutionA powerful workflow engine lies at the core of Newgen OmniFlow iBPS, orchestrating structured and ad-hoc processes. Assign process execution priorities, allow dynamic changes to processes and manage in-flight changes.

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Business Rules

Agile Business Rules ManagementThe Business Rules Management System (BRMS) manages business policies governing various processes in an enterprise. It renders agility and control to users, empowering them to take charge of processes and introduce changes in real-time.

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User Interface (Personalization and Contextualization)

Contextual User InterfaceNewgen Omni-App offers a user-friendly interface to easily access information from various internal and third party applications. Capability to personalize applications enables business users to make informed decisions and enhance productivity.

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Case Management

Dynamic Case ManagementNewgen Case Management Framework built on OmniFlow iBPS platform extends support for semi-structured, unstructured, and completely dynamic processes styles. It empowers knowledge workers to respond to unforeseeable business scenarios, and offers an enhanced collaboration environment.

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Complex Event Processing

Dynamic Case ManagementOmniFlow iBPS suite’s CEP engine supports definition, subscription, and handling of internal and external business events. These events can be from IoT devices, sensors or any other external applications.

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SocialNewgen OmniFlow iBPS offers capability to tap market intelligence from various social media platforms. The solution enables enterprises to identify prospects, acquire new customers, crowdsource, cross-sell/up-sell, and manage service requests across social platforms.

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MobilityProvide enterprise users with on-the-go access to processes and related information on their mobile devices. The solution facilitates increased user responsiveness and improves overall business performance.

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Reporting & Analytics

Monitoring and AnalyticsThe analytical capabilities allow organizations to discover business significant events, improve decision making, reduce decision latency, predict outcomes and evolve action plans.

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CloudNewgen OmniFlow iBPS is available on both private and public cloud environment, addressing the growth needs of both small and large enterprises.

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Newgen OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Suite (OmniFlow iBPS) is the BPM platform of choice for organizations looking to transform their operations through customer centric process innovations. You can now leverage the best of traditional BPMS offerings from Newgen in combination with cutting-edge, emerging technologies in Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and Internet of Things (IoT) to attain speed and agility in your business.

  • Leverage Business Moments – Empower resources with contextual insights and operational flexibility
  • Become Customer Centric – Create 360 degree view of customers information to deliver the best-in-class experience
  • Drive Change – Preempt market dynamics and bring transformational agility in your operations
  • Smart Process Execution – The OmniFlow iBPS Workflow engine lies at the core of the platform and orchestrates all structured and ad-hoc processes
  • Monitoring and Analytics – Our OmniFlow iBPS expands the scope of process analytics by encompassing active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)