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OmniScan Features

Effortless Information Capture

Easy Scanning Software

OmniScan enables organizations to securely and quickly capture paper and electronic documents from scanners and web desktop. It automatically separates and classify documents within a batch and allows users to capture process-specific information for contextual processing of documents.

It auto populates index fields using OCR, MICR and Barcode based extraction and provides image assisted data entry by highlighting the relevant portion of the page that drastically cuts down the time and effort required for information capture.

Its Rubber Band Extraction (On Demand OCR) technology gives flexibility to users to extract certain piece of the text from an image/document by drawing a box around relevant data at run time.

Intelligent Scanning and Image Compression

Complex Scanning Software

OmniScan automatically detects and crops the photograph and signature from captured documents and saves it as a distinct document ensuring faster processing of documents with multiple images.

It also offers powerful scanning capabilities like Cheque scanning, duplex and dual stream scanning, auto color and page size detection, scanning different section of documents in different resolution and image type to optimize the storage requirements.

With its image compression schemes, OmniScan ensure quick data transmission and better utilization of storage space while maintaining the required standards of image quality.

Distributed capture

Information Capture Scanning Software Solution

OmniScan makes distributed capture easy and possible. Irrespective of where the content is located, users can introduce it into enterprise systems with the help of OmniScan.

OmniScan enables organisations to bypass shipping or mailing of documents before scanning. It gives flexibility to organisation’s branch to directly scan and deliver the documents to central office. It also helps in bandwidth management through scheduled upload of document images from branch office to central office.

Document Quality Analyzer

Document Scanning Solution

OmniScan uses Document Quality Analyzer (DQA) technology to automatically clean and enhance the quality of scanned images. It reduces the chance of errors to less than 1% by improving image quality.

OmniScan automatically performs the following image enhancement functions post scanning: De-skew, De-speckle, Auto Orientation, Black border & Blank page removal, Proper Margin Alignments, Punch Mark & Noise removal, Auto Correction, Auto Crop and Resizing, Invert, Background & Vertical line removal, Image contrast notification, Notification of torn or bent edges and many more.

Deliver Output


OmniScan ensures that the information and document captured are quickly and seamlessly delivered to enterprise applications such as ECM, BPM, ERP systems and many more.

As an entrusted partner to SAP and Microsoft, Newgen offers adapters to integrate OmniScan with SAP and SharePoint applications. Also, OmniScan dovetails beautifully with OmniDocs and OmniFlow iBPS, Newgen ECM and BPM applications.

Ease of Use

Document Capture Solution

OmniScan user interface is intuitive which allows users to work on different templates with great ease. It provides a Unified Desktop Screen to view and populate the data simultaneously and customised view to users for data entry.

Secure Captured Content

Customer Communication Management CCM – Security

OmniScan provides enterprise data security through rights based access, encrypted communication using HTTPS protocol and encrypted storage of information and documents. These security features safeguards information and documents from any unauthorized access.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities


OmniScan generates various reports related to scanned and exported records, audit trails to analyse the performance and find system bottlenecks. These reports enable organisations to take corrective actions and improve the overall effectiveness of the system to enhance the customer experience.

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OmniScan is an advanced distributed document scanning solution for scalable high volume production environment which goes beyond content capture. It accelerates business processes by capturing information and transforming it into actionable business data. Information originating from paper and electronic documents can be effectively scanned and delivered to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP.

  • Digitizing Workspaces – OmniScan converts the stacks of paper documents into electronic actionable data which can be easily processed and managed as per the business requirement
  • Intelligent Image Enhancements and extraction – Scan thousands of documents in a go and ensure flawless information capture with Newgen Document Quality Analyser and extraction capabilities
  • Easy Integration with leading Industry Applications – Deliver valuable, authenticated and relevant data to enterprise applications such as ECM, BPM and ERPs
  • Distributed Document Scanning Support – OmniScan makes distributed capture easy and possible. Irrespective of where the content is located, users can introduce it into enterprise systems with the help of OmniScan

Disclaimer: This is a trail version, the license lasts you for 30 days