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Accelerate customer on-boarding and enhance customer experience

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  • Speed Up On-boarding

    Enable a faster on-boarding process with streamlined information gathering, approvals and customer communications.

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    Leverage modern digital tools such as mobile and social that and go the extra mile when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Improve Profitability

    Faster on-boarding translates into augmented business volumes. Do more with less and also save up on overheads to drive greater profitability.

Flyer: Streamlining Account Opening and KYC transactions with Newgen Solution

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Newgen Account Opening Solution

Newgen Account Opening solution lets banks drive smooth on-boarding processes, besides catering to on-demand requests made by customers. The solution streamlines steps involved in on-boarding, reducing overall through-put times. Banks as a result can accelerate customer acquisition and optimize cost per acquisition to enhance overall profitability.

The Newgen Account Opening Software allows for establishing a controlled process with KPI based allocations, activity dashboards to monitor process performance and rules defined approval and customer communications. The solution creates interconnected account opening workflow, driving better departmental coordination, communication and information handling.

Account Opening Process

Account Opening Process

Newgen Insta-KYC- The Future of Customer On-boarding

New account acquisitions are an important revenue stream for Banks and Financial Institutions. Newgen lets banks on-board clients faster through its Insta-KYC offering. The solution is a smart integration of Newgen’s innovative mobile application ZapIn and its existing workflow based Account Opening Solution. Account Opening formalities such as filling of application forms and capturing relevant supporting KYC documents can be completed instantly at the ease and comfort of the customer’s home while the bank executive interfaces with them.

The solution also expedites processes such as vetting of applications, de-dupe and black-list checks and approvals. Most of these are completed almost in real-time, bringing down the on-boarding cycle time from a week to several hours.

Benefits of Newgen Account Opening Solution

  • Increased profitability driven by augmented transaction volumes
  • Improved through-put times
  • Better cost efficiency with reduction in paper handling and storage costs
  • Improved compliance and operational risk management with robust KYC practices
  • Better transparency and monitoring of activities at all level
  • Faster exceptions management and de-duplication processes
  • Mobile based on-boarding and KYC
  • Mobile based on-boarding and KYC with real-time alerts, notifications and approvals

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Are your new account opening requests plagued by standalone processes, lack of intradepartmental co-ordination, too much paperwork and pending requests which is increasing your customer on-boarding time? Are you looking for a new bank account opening solution that is flexible, scalable, has the potential to centralize and streamline account opening process and at the same time easy to deploy across branches and cost-effective too? Try Newgen Account Opening Software for a smooth customer on-boarding.

  • Monitor real time and measure the number of new applicants inducted
  • Generate internal and regulatory reports
  • Track, manage, measure and audit activities which has increased transparency in operations
  • Dynamically change/improve processes as per changes in products, policies and regulations
  • Improve Turn-Around-Time and meeting internal SLAs have helped to reduce resolution time and improve customer satisfaction levels