Retail Loan Origination System

Automate end-to-end retail loan origination cycle in a paperless and electronically driven workflow environment

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  • Omni-Channel
    Touch Points

    Loan request submission from multiple channels leading to increased business value.

  • Credit Policy

    Rule Management System to automate complete credit policy.

  • Efficient risk

    Integration with External Credit Bureaus support for effectual decision making.

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Based on our two decades of servicing the banking industry, we have developed Retail Loan Origination Solution Accelerator – a comprehensive retail loan origination solution. Built as per industry requirements, it is agile and adaptable. A core BPM framework rendered agile by Retail Framework that lies atop, makes the solution adaptable and responsive to the extent that organizations can independently run most of the changes without too much dependency on us.

As one of the preferred choices for automation of the Retail Loan Origination process for 100+ customers, the solution helps whether you are a Bank, Credit Union, Community Bank or any other financial institution, including those catering to Micro Finance.

Retail Lending Automation Software

Newgen Retail Lending Solution Highlights

  • Pre-screening: Check applicant eligibility along with credit checks
  • Credit Application Management: Seamless on-boarding with configurable templates for data capture
  • Underwriting & Credit Analysis: Comprehensive credit assessment tools for underwriting and engenders score as part of internal scoring engine
  • Decision & Approvals: Rules driven matrix ensures a robust validation and approval process for loan disbursal
  • Document Management: Maintenance and segregation of documents and generation of loan packages with pre-defined bank specific templates
  • Collateral Management: Unified workflow around releasing, updating, valuing and moving collaterals and other linked processes
  • Deviation & Delegation Management: Supports event and rules-based management of exceptions as well as appropriate workflow routing
  • 360 degree dashboard: Configurable functional, operational and investigative reports & dashboards
  • Disbursement: Integration with core banking and card management systems for customer and account creation and supporting amortization schedule generation with full/partial disbursement schemes
  • Integration with Third Party Applications: Seamless integration with bank’s third party and legacy applications such as Core Banking Solutions, Rating Applications, Credit Bureau Systems etc

Benefits of Newgen Loan Origination Solution (LOS)

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability

  • Faster loan disbursals leading to greater churn in business
  • Lower defects ensure optimum returns on lending cycles
  • Decreased operational costs improving the bottom-line

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Enhanced Customer Experiences

  • Rules defined transactions ensure adherence to best practices
  • Streamlined operations enable faster responses to customer queries and requests
  • Multichannel communications allow customers to interact through various modes and formats
  • Customer centric communications help customers to easily decide on their next engagement
  • Social media interactions enhance customer delight

Better visibility and control

Better visibility and control

  • Deeper insights into each transaction through real time business activity monitoring
  • Predictive analytics ensures lower defects
  • Content and resource optimization through audit trails
  • Dynamic resource allocation, ensuring managing of ad-hoc transactions
  • Automated Underwriting and Credit Analysis
  • Automated monitoring of existing accounts

Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

  • Adherence to SLAs across functions, processes and transactions
  • Improved and smoother change management
  • Real time responses to changing in regulatory compliance to meet central bank regulations
  • Help in monitoring and managing NPA accounts

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With the dynamic market conditions & ever changing regulatory compliances, a robust intuitive technology for retail lending has translated into a need. To gratify the need, financial institutions are seeking solutions with the most adaptable architecture, one which can be configured for today and has the ability to adapt in the future. In such a scenario, solution accelerators built on a Business Process Management (BPM) platform can serve the purpose.

With Newgen Retail Loan Origination Solution, you can achieve benefits such as:

  • Unified Loans Processing
  • Shorter turnaround time, paperless workflow and First-Time-Right processing, thereby reducing overall costs
  • Built on flexible BPM layer which offers configurable solution framework
  • Faster time to market with ready-made solution accelerators
  • Leverage existing investments through seamless integrations