e-Gov Office Automation

Be future ready and transform key government processes

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  • Automate and Transform

    Automate day-to-day functions and achieve process visibility at all levels of administrative hierarchy processes, enhancing business user accountability

  • Realize a Paperless

    Eliminate paper-based workflows, reduce manual hand-offs and exchange documents electronically to save time and reduce paper-handling costs

  • Gain Operational Efficiencies

    Improve process efficiencies, reduce errors, and avoid unnecessary process delays by adopting an automated operational environment

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In the current state, digital drives us forward and government agencies across the globe are adopting a paperless office environment. e-Office is a step towards paperless and accountable administration. And, automated processes are the key to achieve an electronic office. Traditionally, government organizations followed a custom application development approach. Such applications lack future-readiness and incorporating necessary changes to the core logic of these custom applications is both costly and time consuming.

Leveraging Newgen’s Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Case Management technologies, it offers a robust and scalable e-Gov Office Automation suite. The suite provides government agencies with flexibility to automate document-intensive processes, and develop a highly agile operational infrastructure, leading to an efficient, transparent and good governance.

Newgen Office Automation solution enables end-to-end automation of key government processes. It helps in reforming multiple administrative processes such as Correspondence Management, Office Note Creation and Approval, Committee and Meeting Management, RTI Management, Parliament/Legislative Query processing, Knowledge Management and others.

e-Governance Office Automation Workflow Suite


Solution Benefits

Efficient and transparent administration

Automated processes, centralized processing and extensive tracking capabilities result in reduced manual handoffs and better accountability.

Reduced transition time

Better collaboration across departments reduces transition time in moving request letter and corresponding files from table to table. Adhere to timelines while processing RTI/FOIA queries and Parliament questions through auto-allocation of queries to respective departments and easily collate final responses.

Enhanced collaboration

Electronic processes allow for interoperability, ensuring reduced service delivery delays and better decision making. The Knowledge Management system offers a collaborative-learning environment with advanced features like rating of content, adding citations, chat and discussion forum.

Timely execution

System defined escalation matrix, alert notifications, auto- reminders facilitate in faster execution and timely responses. The Committee and Meeting module leverages these features to form committees, schedule meetings, etc.

Better compliance

Manage files and correspondences with electronically driven Green Notings, in compliance with Manual of Office Procedures (MOP) published by Department of Administrative Reforms.

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Newgen e-Gov Office automates day-to-day functions at all levels of the administrative hierarchy. It leverages Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities to deliver a unified platform for Government to Government(G2G) processes. E-Gov Office enables end-to-end automation of file & correspondence (DAK) movement from its creation to archival. Other benefits include :

  • Improved Efficiency and Reduced Paper Cost
  • 100% Compliance with Standards
  • Transparent and Accountable Administration
  • Efficient Monitoring and Control
  • Better Communication and Coordination